10 Interesting Animal Facts

Monday, September 16th 2013. | Animals

Read the information about animal facts if you want to know the diversity in biological world. The animal Kingdom is diverse. There are myriads of animals in the world. Some of them can fly, swim, dive or live on land. The size of animals is various. You can scrutinize the microscopic one into the giant one. Let me tell you several facts about animals in the post below:

Animal Facts 1: Ostrich

Ostrich is a unique animal. It can roar like a lion. When the ostrich runs it is faster than a horse.

Animal Facts 2: Housefly

The animals with short life span are a housefly. It can only live for about 14 days. Even though their life is so short, the animals always horn like a musical tone in the key for F.



Animal Facts 3: Flying Mammals

Do you know the only mammal which can fly on the air? It is a bat. Many people do not know that a bat actually is included in a mammal.

Animal Facts 4: Spider

In a green area, there are at least 50,000 spiders on each acre. The spider species in the world are myriads. You can find the venomous one, like black window. This animal kills her partner after mating.



Animal Facts 5: Kangaroo

Kangaroo can be found in Australia. This animal has a pouch that can be used to take the baby kangaroo. The tail is long and functional for the animal to balance the movement when they jump on the ground. See kangaroo facts here.

Animal Facts 6: Tiger

If you look at a tiger, you will be impressed with the stripes. Even though the stripes of each tiger look the same, actually they are different. There is no identical stripes of tiger can be found. Each stripe on the tiger is unique.

African elephant

African elephant

Animal Facts 7: Cat

Cat is one of the most popular pets in the world. In the era, the animals have 32 muscles. When you look at the eyes, you will be amazed with sparkling eye colors.

Animal Facts 8: Elephant

The smelling sense of elephant is wonderful. It can smell water in the radius of 3 miles away. Elephant is included as the animals which undergo a menopause phase. Other mammals which face the same phase are human females and humpback whales.

Animal Fights

Animal Fights

Animal Facts 9: Koala

If you want to know another unique animal found in Australia, it is koala. The animal eats the one and only eucalyptus leaves. Read koala facts here.

Animal Facts 10: Beaver

The teeth of beaver keep growing. To make it the teeth at a manageable length, the animals have to gnaw their teeth on some objects.

Animal Facts

Animal Facts

The small animals which do not have any lung and never sleep are ants. For each human in the world, there are one million ants. Another unique animal which can change gender is oyster. It is an adaptation occurred to match the best way for mating. Do you have any more facts about animals?

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