10 Interesting Bobcat Facts

Sunday, November 24th 2013. | Animals

Bobcat facts are very useful for any people who always want to look for the interesting information related to this animal. Bobcat is a very interesting animal to learn about. In this case, you should know some facts to make you learn more about bobcat.

Bobcat Facts 1: fur color

If it is about the fact of bobcat, you need to recognize the fur color of this animal. It has different color ranged from yellow to gray brown.

Bobcat Facts 2: nocturnal

Bobcats are nocturnal animals. They are active at night. The agile animals will search for food. They are good hunters.

Adult Bobcat

Adult Bobcat

Bobcat Facts 3: weight and size

Bobcat has the weight around 16 up to 30 pounds and the length of 26 up to 41 inches. If it is about the lifespan, bobcat has approximate lifespan around 10 up to 12 years.

Bobcat Facts 4: habitat

In reviewing about bobcat, you can notice that this cat lives in forests, woods, swamps, and many others.



Bobcat Facts 5: the dens

If you are concerned about the dens of this animal, it has different types of dens. You can find the animal living in a natal den and other different dens. They can be found differently under some shelters and caves. Fallen trees are considered their favorite dens.

Bobcat Facts 6: mobility

Bobcat is a mobile cat. It likes to walk up to 4 miles. This animal also has the ability to swim, stalk, and also hunt.



Bobcat Facts 7: carnivore

You can always recognize that this animal is a carnivore. It means that it eats tiny or small animals including rabbits, small birds, and others.

Bobcat Facts 8:  communication

In reviewing about bobcat, you can notice that this animal can communicate by using several methods such as hisses, mew, purrs, and even yowls.

Bobcat facts

Bobcat facts

Bobcat Facts 9: the group

You can notice that a certain group of bobcat is called as clowder. Many people have already known about it.

Bobcat Facts 10: gestation period

People who really concern about bobcat should recognize about the length of gestation period. What you should notice is that this cat has the gestation period around 2 months.

baby bobcat

baby bobcat

Hope you enjoy the full explanation about bobcat above. If you like to enrich the knowledge, you have to read facts about Bobcat.

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