10 Interesting Python Facts

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Python Facts tell you the famous snake in the world.  When a python wants to kill their prey, they will perform constriction. It is process of killing the prey by wrapping the prey and suffocates it. This type of snake is included as one of the longest snakes in the world. It can reach 28 feet to 8.7 meters. Find out more facts about python below:

Python Facts 1: is it venomous snake?

You are wrong if you think that python is included as a venomous snake. It is non venomous snake because it does not generate any venom.

Python Facts 2: the habitat

You can find python living in the tropical regions. They are often spotted in Asia and Africa. They live in desert, savannah and rainforest. Learn more on snake facts.

Python Facts

Python Facts

Python Facts 3: python and human being

It is quite surprising to find out that some people have python at home and keep it as a pet. Even though this animal is very big and long, they will never attack human being if you do not provoke them.

Python Facts 4: constrictors

Python will not bite you since it does not have any venom. They are included as a constrictor. It means that the animals will kill their prey by squeezing the body until the prey cannot breathe. When the prey is killed, the python will swallow it at once.

Python Prey

Python Prey

Python Facts 5: digestion

The fur and feathers of the animal will not be digested inside the body of python. The material will be thrown outside the body in their poop.

Python Facts 6: the digestion time

The digestion time is determined by the size of prey. If the prey is very big, it will need weeks or months for the python to digest it. In a year, python will eat for 4 till 5 times. Check out Garter snake facts here.

Python Skin

Python Skin

Python Facts 7: food

The favorite food of python includes antelopes, monkeys and caimans.

Python Facts 8: hunting python

Human being likes to hunt python because it has a beautiful skin. It is often used to make belt, jacket or even bag. The price of python skin is very expensive.



Python Facts 9: cold blooded animal

Python is included as a cold blooded animal.  It has low temperature. But when it is sunbathing, python can increase the body temperature.

Python Facts 10: eggs

A female python can produce 12 until 36 eggs. The female python will coil their body around the eggs to keep them warm and safe.

Facts about Python

Facts about Python

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