10 Interesting Lizard Facts

Wednesday, June 18th 2014. | Animals

Lizard facts give the information about unique animal in the world. Kids love to play with lizard.  There are 4500 species of lizards in the world. You can find them living in tropical and temperate areas. If you like to know the habitat, diet, behaviors and species of lizard, you need to read the following post below:

Lizard Facts 1: Latin name

Lizard has the Latin name of Lacertilla.  This group of lizard is often linked with chameleons, anguid, teeth lizards, geckos, and iguanas.

Lizard Facts 2: habitat

It is very easy to find lizard in tropical and temperate climate areas.  You can find it in tropical islands, Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe.

Lizard Facts

Lizard Facts

Lizard Facts 3: body of lizard

You can observe the body of lizard. It has four limbs. But you can find some lizards are limbless.  The self defense of a lizard is seen on the long tail. The lizard will cut off the tail when it is caught by a predator. Don’t worry; the tail will grow again.

Lizard Facts 4: different self defense

Besides cutting off the tail, the self defense employed by a lizard is unique. It depends on the species of the lizards. Some lizards decide to sprint to the habitat when the predators chase them. Others decide to camouflage so that the predators can be tricked easily.

Lizard Image

Lizard Image

Lizard Facts 5: the venomous lizards

Not many people realize that some lizards are venomous.  When the lizards feel threatened, they will bite and release the venom. Some lizards which have venom include Komodo dragon, the Mexican beaded lizard and Gila monster. Find out Gila Monster facts here.

Lizard Facts 6: snake

Lizard and snakes has a similarity. You can see it on the behavior of both animals when licking the air.

Lizard Pic

Lizard Pic

Lizard Facts 7: komodo dragon

Komodo dragon is considered as the largest lizard. It has the size of 10 feet. If you want to know the lizard which has eyelids, you can observe skinks and geckos.

Lizard Facts 8: sight

The sight is very important to life of a lizard. It is functioned to communicate with other lizards and to locate the prey. If you want to know the interesting behaviors of lizard, you need to observe the way it attracts the counterpart, marks the territories and makes body posture.

Lizard in Green Color

Lizard in Green Color

Lizard Facts 9: colors

Lizard is a favorite pet for kids because they come in bright colors like red, yellow, green or even orange. When lizards feel threatened, they will hide the bright colors underside. They do not want the bright colors attracting the predators.

Lizard Facts 10: Komodo dragon

Komodo dragon is one of the dangerous lizards in the world.  When it injects the venom on your body, you can die.



Some lizards like iguanas, geckoes and anoles are bred in captivity. They are great pets for those who love with lizards. Are you fascinated with facts about lizard?

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