10 Interesting Puffer Fish Facts

Saturday, September 14th 2013. | Animals

Let’s read the whole puffer fish facts if you to know the underwater animal with unique features. Puffer fish is well known with its bigger look when they are attacked. In the normal condition the size of this fish is relatively small. Many people in Japan call the fish as fugu. Here are other interesting facts to know:

Puffer Fish Facts 1: Inflated Fish

Puffer fish has a unique feature. The body of this animal can inflate three times large than its normal size. The inflated look occurs when the fish feels threatened. It is a sign of protection from the predator.

Puffer Fish Facts 2: Fugu

As I have stated before fugu is term used by Japanese people when they want to call a puffer fish. Even though the fish is poisonous, the Japanese chefs can use it as the main menu in their restaurant. However, they have to be trained first to make sure that the chefs can cook it well and remove the poison.

Puffer Fish Facts

Puffer Fish Facts

Puffer Fish Facts 3: Teeth

It is a very surprising fact to know that puffer fish has only four teeth. The look of the teeth resembles a beak. All teeth are fused together.

Puffer Fish Facts 4: Appearance

When you look at the puffer fish, you can see the spiky rough skin.  The length can reach the rate up to 1 meter. Visit great barrier reef facst  to know other interesting animals.



Puffer Fish Facts 5: Species

There are at least 120 different species for puffer fish. The main diet for these animals includes algae. However, they also like eating the clam shell by using the beak like teeth to open the mussel and shells.

Puffer Fish Facts 6: Name

Many people call puffer fish as toad fish or blow fish. Even though puffer fish seems cute and funny, this animal is considered as the second most poisonous vertebrata in the world. Another animal living underwater is seen in sea turtle facts.

Puffer Fish

Puffer Fish

Puffer Fish Facts 7: Spikes

When they fish feel threatened, they will bloom and extend the spikes.  They are poisonous and have the shape like a razor. The animal and human which touches the spike will be poisoned.

Puffer Fish Facts 8: Dwarf Puffer Fish

The smallest puffer fish in the world is dwarf puffer fish. The length for this animal is around 22 mm. You can only find the species if you visit River Pamba. It is located in Kerala, India.

Small Puffer Fish

Small Puffer Fish

Puffer Fish Facts 9: Tetrodtooxin

Tetrodtooxin the poison found on puffer fish. Compared to cyanide, puffer fish is 1200 times more lethal.

Puffer Fish Facts 10: Artohron

Artohron is unique because it can close and blink the eyes.

Puffer Fish Spikes

Puffer Fish Spikes

Puffer fish is not only hunted by human being but also by sharks. Even though puffer fish is poisonous, shark is not affected by the poison.  A puffer fish can kill 30 human when they feel threatened with the poison. Do you have any other facts about puffer fish to add in the post?

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