10 Interesting Sugar Glider Facts

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Find the information about the unique animal in the world on Sugar Glider Facts. This small animal is arboreal. It is included in the marsupial infraclass.  It eats anything. Therefore, sugar glider is included as omnivorous animals. The biological name of sugar glider is Petaurus breviceps. The common name of this animal is taken from the ability of this animal to glide. Moreover, the animal likes the sugary nectarous food. Check other interesting facts about sugar glider by reading the below post:

Sugar Glider Facts 1: fying squirrel

Sugar glider and flying squirrel are two different animals even though both have similar behavior and appearance. Both of them can glide in the air.

Sugar Glider Facts 2: the biological name

As I have stated before, the biological name of sugar glider is Petaurus breviceps. Due to the canopy acrobatic that it has, it earns the name. If you translate the scientific name into English, it means the short headed rope dancer.Get facts about sugar here.

Sugar Glider Pic

Sugar Glider Pic

Sugar Glider Facts 3: patagium

The unique part of sugar glider’s body is the patagium. It is their gliding membrane which enables the animal to glide on the air.  When they glide, the membrane can be extended from the forelegs into the hindlegs.

Sugar Glider Facts 4: the importance of gliding

Gliding is a very important activity for sugar glider.  It allows escaping from the predators and locating the food easily. Find facts about squirrel here.

Sugar Glider

Sugar Glider

Sugar Glider Facts 5: the fur of sugar glider

Do you know the color of the fur of sugar glider? The body is often covered with brown or pale grey fur.  The underside features the lighter colored fur. It is very soft.

Sugar Glider Facts 6: the common animal

In New Guinea and Australia, sugar glider is considered as the common animal. In 1830s, sugar glider was introduced in Tasmania. Now you can also find them living in Halmahera islands, Louisiade Archipelago and Bismarck Archipelago.

Sugar Glider Facts

Sugar Glider Facts

Sugar Glider Facts 7: the fossil of sugar glider

The fossil of sugar glider was discovered Australia. The earliest one was dated back in Pleistocene epoch. It was around 15,000 years ago.

Sugar Glider Facts 8: the sugar glider in Australia

The distribution of sugar glider in Australia can be seen on the forest located around northern, eastern and southern coastlines. If they live in the eastern ranges, they are in the area at 2000 meter above the sea elevation.

Sugar Glider Flies

Sugar Glider Flies

Sugar Glider Facts 9: the habitat

Sugar glider is not only seen in the rainforest. You can also find them living in the acacia scrub, wet or dry sclerophyll forest and coconut plantation.

Sugar Glider Facts 10: the nocturnal animal

Sugar glider is nocturnal. When the dark comes, they are active.

Sugar Glider Image

Sugar Glider Image

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