10 Interesting Meerkat Facts

Friday, July 18th 2014. | Animals

If you are interested to find out Meerkat Facts, you have to read the following post below. Meerkat is a cute animal. It is included as a small mammal in mongoose family. The scientific name of meerkat is suricata suricatta. If you want to know more facts about Meerkat, read the following post below:

Meerkat Facts 1: fame

Meerkat is very famous around the world after people watched a TV show with the title Manor from Animal Planet.  In the TV show, you can find the Meerkat family living in Kalahari Desert. Read Kalahari desert facts here.

Meerkat Facts 2: habitat

You are wrong if you think that Meerkat only live in Kalahari Desert. You can also find the mammals on Botswana and South Africa. They choose to live underground by making tunnels with several entrances that they use to escape from predators. Meerkat will stay at night inside the tunnels.

Meerkat Facts

Meerkat Facts

Meerkat Facts 3: group

Meerkat do not live alone. They live within a group. You can call it mobs, gangs, or clans. The members of the group are varied. It usually consists of 20 to 50 members.

Meerkat Facts 4: food

Meerkat work each other when searching for food.   Some meerkat have a job to look out and warn the group if the predators come. Others work to find out scavenges for food.

Meerkat Hugs

Meerkat Hugs

Meerkat Facts 5: an alpha pair

An alpha pair is the leader of a meerkat group. The right to produce offspring and mate is owned by the alpha pair.  If other members of meerkat reproduce off spring, the mother will be kicked from the clan and the alpha pair will kill the baby meerkat.

Meerkat Facts 6: a territory

Each group of meerkat has their own territory. It will be marked using their scent. The territory comes in the radius of 4 square miles.

Meerkat Image

Meerkat Image

Meerkat Facts 7: fighting

The members in a meerkat will fight till death if other meerkat try to break in their territory.

Meerkat Facts 8: diet

Meerkat is a type of omnivorous animal. They eat animals and plants.  They like eating lizards, eggs, snakes, fruits and insects.

Meerkat Pic

Meerkat Pic

Meerkat Facts 9: eating habit

Meerkat has to eat every day to increase the level of energy. The animals do not store a lot of fat in the boy so that they have to keep it powerful by eating.

Meerkat Facts 10: predators

Some predators of meerkat include birds of prey, jackals and snakes.

Meerkat Stand Up

Meerkat Stand Up

The main function of the tunnel or burrow is not only for protecting them from predators or for sleeping. It is also used as a protecting the body from the hot desert sun. Do you want to comment on facts about meerkat?

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