10 Interesting Portugal Facts

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The Portuguese republic is explained in Portugal Facts. The Azores and the Madeira Islands are under the sovereignty of Portugal. Based on the data in July 2013, the country was inhabited by 10,799,270 people. Portugal has a very long history in the world.   In 15th and 16th century, Portugal is called as the first global maritime power in the world. Check out more facts about Portugal if you want to know more about the history, attractions and interesting places here:

Portugal Facts 1: the maritime power

As I have stated before, Portugal was called as the maritime power in 15 and 16th century.  There are some famous explorers such as Alvares Carbal and Vasco Da Gama who established some colonies in new lands. Therefore, the economy, power and politics of Portugal increased.

Portugal Facts 2: the Portuguese Empire

The longest lived Modern European Empire was the Portuguese Empire.  The power of this empire spreads on 53 different states in the world.

Portugal  National Team

Portugal National Team

Portugal Facts 3: legacy

Even though today we can say that Portugal is a small country, the power of this country in the past was reflected on the Portuguese language spoken in the world. It is called as the 6th most spoken language. There are at least 240 million speakers of Portuguese language.

Portugal Facts 4: the broken colonies

The colonies that Portuguese had empire were broken up slowly. In the revolution of 1910, Brazil got their independence from Portugal.

Portugal Pictures

Portugal Pictures

Portugal Facts 5: African colonies

Portugal also established colonies in Africa. Some of them include Cape Verde, Angola, Guinea Bissau and Mozambique. All of them get the independence in 1974 and 1975. In 2002, East Timor got the independence, while Macau was given to China in 1999.

Portugal Facts 6: euro zone

In the past Portugal used Escudo as their currency.  Since 1999, Portugal has been a member in euro zone. Therefore, the currency is changed into euro. Check another European country in Poland facts.

Portugal Beach

Portugal Beach

Portugal Facts 7: Lisbon

Can you guess the capital city of Portugal? It is Lisbon. It is called as the oldest city in Western Europe and the largest one in the country.

Portugal Facts 8: earthquake

In 1755, Lisbon was hit a big earthquake which destroyed buildings here. The country lost the status of wealth because of the earthquake.

Portugal Tours

Portugal Tours

Portugal Facts 9: name

The name of the country was derived from Porto. It is the second largest city. Now Porto is included as a World Heritage Site of UNESCO.

Portugal Facts 10: the largest bridge in Europe

The largest bridge in Europe is Vasco d Gama Bridge. It spans 17.2 km over Tagus River. Find out another interesting country in Peru facts.

Facts about Portugal

Facts about Portugal

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