10 Interesting Equatorial Guinea Facts

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Get more information about a small central African nation by reading Equatorial Guinea facts. Actually this country is very rich because of the vast off shore oil reverse. However, just like any other countries in Africa, people still live in poverty. They cannot have better access to education or even health care system. Find out the detail facts below:

Equatorial Guinea Facts 1: Malabo

Can you tell me the capital city of Equatorial Guinea? It is located in Malabo. When you want to visit this capital city, you just have to go offshore on Bioko Island. Don’t forget to change the currency of your money to trade. The people here use the XAF currency or Central African Franc.

Equatorial Guinea Facts 2: languages

Even though many people in Equatorial Guinea speak many native languages, the official languages are French and Spanish. Some native languages that they speak include Bubi, Annobenese and Fang.

equatorial guinea beaches

equatorial guinea beaches

Equatorial Guinea Facts 3: independence

In the past, Equatorial Genuine was the colony of Spain. This country can enjoy the independence since 1968. The government system is in a Presidential republic.

Equatorial Guinea Facts 4: religion

Most people living in the country embrace the Roman Catholic. However, there are many people too which embrace the indigenous belief.

Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea Facts 5: the literacy rate

Even though the country is small and poor, it has higher literacy rate. I can say that the literacy rate is the highest one in sub Saharan Africa.

Equatorial Guinea Facts 6: the highest point

The highest point in Equatorial Guinea is located at Pico Basile. It has the height of 3,008 meter located on the island of Bioko.

Equatorial Guinea facts

Equatorial Guinea facts

Equatorial Guinea Facts 7: climate

Equatorial Guinea is considered as a tropical paradise.  The dry season will last from December to February. In average, the temperature of this country is around 84 to 88 degree F.

Equatorial Guinea Facts 8: industries

There are several major industries that people do to make a living in Equatorial Guinea.  Some of them include the natural gas, petroleum and finishing. In the agricultural sector, the people reduce rice, cocoa, timber, livestock, coffee and yam.

Equatorial Guinea map

Equatorial Guinea map

Equatorial Guinea Facts 9: export

This country also exports some items to other countries such as petroleum, machinery, clothing, cocoa, timber, methanol, and beverages.

Equatorial Guinea Facts 10: trading partners

There are some major trading partners that Guinea has. They include South Korea, Spain, China, US, Italy, and France.

Equatorial Guinea Research

Equatorial Guinea Research

This country trades the undeveloped natural resources such as manganese, alluvial gold, iron one, uranium and titanium to other countries. Do you like reading facts about Equatorial Guinea?

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