10 Interesting Poland Facts

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Get the interesting information about Poland Facts in the following post below. Poland is one of the interesting countries in the world. This Republic of Poland has the official name as Rzeczpospolita Polska. If you compare it with New Mexico, it has smaller area.  The total area is 312,255 km square or 120,562 square miles. Here are the interesting facts about Poland.

Poland Facts 1: NATO and European Union

Poland is also one of the most active countries in the Europe.  In 1999, the country joined NATO. In 2004, Poland decided to join European Union.

Poland Facts 2: the lower and highest point

The lowest point in Poland is located near Raczki Elblaskie. It has the elevation 2 meter or 6.56 feet. The highest point of Poland is located in Mount Rysy at 2,499 meter or 8,199 feet.

Poland Facts

Poland Facts

Poland Facts 3: Dabrowski’s Mazurka

Dabrowski’s Mazurka is the national anthem in Poland. But people often call it “Jeszcze Polska nie zginela”. In English, it means Poland Has Not Yet Perished.  The writer of this song was Jozef Wybicki in 1979.

Poland Facts 4: European bison

The heaviest land animal in Europe is a bison. If you want to check out more than 800 European bisons in Poland, you can go to Bialowieza Primeval Forest.

Poland Image

Poland Image

Poland Facts 5: the word Poland

Polska was the original word of the word Poland. It was the anglicized version of Polska word. The meaning is field or pole. Therefore, you can translate the word Poland as a land of the Poles.

Poland Facts 6: Mieszko

Mieszko was the first ruler in Poland ever recorded in the history. He ruled the land in AD 963. The ruler adopted Christianity in 966.

Poland Map

Poland Map

Poland Facts 7: Kazimierz Jagiellonczyk

Kazimierz Jagiellonczyk was called as the Father of Europe. He was the Polish King who has nine children.  He called as the father of Europe because of all of his children got great position. Four of them become king, one canonized child, and one of them became a cardinal. His three daughters were the mother of the heirs in the western European dynasties.

Poland Facts 8: Henry de Valois

Henry de Valois was elected as the king of Poland in 1573. However, he gave up his title as a king because he wanted to rule as Henry III after his coronation.

Poland Pictures

Poland Pictures

Poland Facts 9: the president

The first president in Poland elected by people was Gabriel Narutowicz. He became the president in 1922.

Poland Facts 10: the beginning of World War II

The beginning of World War II was caused by the invasion of German Wehrmacht on Poland on 1 September 1939. The German did not give Poland any prior declaration of war. Get facts about world war 2 here.



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