10 Interesting Peru Facts

Monday, October 6th 2014. | Countries

If you want to know the country which has at least 55 different varieties of corns, you have to check Peru facts. The country is a home to unique corns. You can find the corns in black, white, purple and yellow. Here are the complete facts about Peru for you:

Peru Facts 1: potato

Potato is one of the important vegetables for the people in the world. Some country uses potato as the main food. Do you know that this vegetable originally comes from Peru? There are at least 3,000 varieties of potato in the country.

Peru Facts 2: gold

Gold is also one of the main commodities in Peru. The country is ranked in the sixth position of the largest producer of gold. Check gold facts here.

Peru Beaches

Peru Beaches

Peru Facts 3: the traditional dish

If you want to enjoy the traditional dish in Peru, You have to order Guinea pig or cuy.

Peru Facts 4: National University of San Marcos

If you want to know the oldest university in America, you have to check out National University of San Marcos. On 12 May 1551, the national university was established.

Peru Facts

Peru Facts

Peru Facts 5: Shamans

Shamans are important in some parts of the society. The country with the largest number of Shamans is India. Peru has the second largest Shamans in the world.

Peru Facts 6: cat

In many parts of the world, cat is included as member of a family. It can be your favorite pet. But in some parts of Peru such as in Chincha, it is a common sight for the people to eat cat.

Peru Flag

Peru Flag

Peru Facts 7: Lima

Lima is the capital city of Peru. In the past, the capital city was called as the most powerful city in South America. But it was not anymore after the Spanish people chose Rio de la Plata as a vice royalty.

Peru Facts 8: cotton

If you want to get the finest cotton in the world, you can get it from Peru. The famous one comes from Tanguis and Pima.

Peru People

Peru People

Peru Facts 9: Fiestas Patrias

Fiestas Patrias is the famous Independence Day celebrated by the Peruvian every 28th of July.

Peru Facts 10: Cotahuasi Canyon

If you want to know one of the deepest canyons in the world, you can go to Cotahuasi Canyon. The depth of this canyon is around 3,535 meters or 11,597 feet.



If you love surfing, you can go to Chicama. The wave is 4 meter long. Are you impressed with facts about Peru?

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