10 Interesting Czech Republic Facts

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One of the fascinating countries in the world that you should explore is explained in Czech Republic facts. Have you ever gone to this country? If you have come here, you must be fascinated with view and old building in Czech Republic. There are many shopping centers and parks that you can explore until late at night.  If you have come here, you need to get closer with the country by reading the following post in the post:

Czech Republic Facts 1: soft contact lenses

Wearing glasses sometimes is not practical. Thus, people try to invent the alterative. Do you know that person who invented the soft contact lenses is from Czech Republic? In 1959, Toto Wichterle who had a Czech Republic nationality invented the lenses.

Czech Republic Facts 2: famous people from Czech Republic

Czech Republic just like any other countries in the world can produce many famous people. You can see that the classic music composers such as Bedrich Smetana and Antonín Dvorák come from Czech.

Czech Republic at Night

Czech Republic at Night

The famous author Franz Kafka who wrote German language book came from this country.

Czech Republic Facts 3: Jaroslav Heyrovský

Jaroslav Heyrovský is another famous Czech person who got the Nobel Prize. He got it because of his discovery and dedicated work on the polarography.

Czech Republic Facts 4: other famous people

There are several famous people born in Czech Republic, but got different nationality. Some of them were Sigmund Freud and Gregor Mendel. Even though they were born in Czech Republic, they were Austrian people.

Czech Republic Country

Czech Republic Country

Czech Republic Facts 5: robot

A Czech playwright named Karl Capek lifted the word robot in his short novel and play.  The story had the titled R.U.R in 1920. It stands for Rossum’s Universal Robots

Czech Republic Facts 6: mushroom hunting

Mushroom hunting is the most passionate event held by the local people in Czech. People in this country take it very seriously when it comes about the competition of fungi hunting.

Czech Republic facts

Czech Republic facts

Czech Republic Facts 7: St. Václav Day

If you want to watch the mushroom hunting in Czech Republic, you just have to gather on the St. Václav Day. It is celebrated during the weekend near 28th September. They will go to the forest to hunt the mushroom.

Czech Republic Facts 8: carp

Carp is a favorite food in Czech Republic during the Christmas celebration. They think that it will never be complete if your dinner table is not served with carp.

Czech Republic Places

Czech Republic Places

Czech Republic Facts 9: Easter

If you celebrate Easter in Czech Republic, ensure that you bring a new cloth. The local people always want a new piece of cloth for this celebration.

Czech Republic Facts 10: etiquette

If you ask a woman to go on a date in Czech Republic, ensure that you already recognize the etiquette. The female should come behind you when entering a restaurant. However, if you enter other types of building, the female should be in the first position to enter the building.

Czech Republic Tabor

Czech Republic Tabor

If you are in restaurant and want to have drink first before the meal, you need to order it on the waiter. The waiter in the country always assumes that the meal will be preceding the drink. What do you think on facts about Czech Republic?

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