10 Interesting Video Game Facts

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Video Game Facts will elaborate the details about the electronic game displayed on a computer monitor or TV screen. The 2D and 3D images have been used to display on the device since 2000. In the past, the video game was called as a raster display device. The term platform is used to call the electronic system for playing the video games. The video game consoles and personal computers are the example of common platforms. Let us get other impressive facts about video game below:

Video Game Facts 1: the size of platforms

The platforms for playing video games are available in a number of sizes. It can be in a form of a handheld computing device or even a large mainframe computer.

Video Game Facts 2: the arcade games

The arcade games are very popular until this today. In the past, they were mostly played in a coin-operated chassis. Today, people can use the affordable home video consoles to play arcade. For instance, you can purchase Nintendo Wii U, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to play the game at home.

Facts about Video Game

Facts about Video Game

Video Game Facts 3: the controllers

The mouse device, joysticks, gamepads, touchscreen, buttons and keyboards are the common controllers of video game.  The platform will determine the type of game controller.

Video Game Facts 4: how to view the video game

The video game is displayed on the screen of television, computer monitor or screen of Smartphone. Check facts about the Lion King here.

Video Game Image

Video Game Image

Video Game Facts 5: smartphones

The development of smartphones has a very big impact on the market of video games. The mobile games in the Asian markets have increased as of 2010.

Video Game Facts 6: the sales

The global sales of video games were USD 74 billion per year in 2015. In the entertainment market in United States, it took the third place after broadcast and cable TV.

Video Game Pictures

Video Game Pictures

Video Game Facts 7: Nintendo Entertainment System

Nintendo Entertainment System was successful which redefined the home video game industry. Japan becomes a prominent player in the video game industry. Once, this segment was dominated by the video game from United States. Get facts about Uncle Tom’s Cabin here.

Video Game Facts 8: the handheld video game

The first successful handheld console was the Nintendo Game Boy, which had been sold around 100 million systems.

Video Game Facts

Video Game Facts

Video Game Facts 9: the genres

A number of genres have been developed in video games. It can be serious game, casual game, or even educational game.

Video Game Facts 10: what is the casual game?

The video games with easy-to-access features are classified as a casual game. The rule set and game play are easy to understand by the players.

Video Game

Video Game

Are you well informed after reading facts about video games?

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