10 Interesting Bollywood Facts

Monday, November 25th 2013. | Entertainment

Bollywood facts may become the best discussion for any modern people nowadays. It is because any modern people may become so much interested in enjoying TV entertainment especially any Indian movies. In this case, here are some interesting facts related to it actually.

Bollywood Facts 1: Alam Ra

The most important fact about Bollywood that any of you need to know is about the first sound film called Alam Ra. Such film is produced in the year of 1931. In fact, it has gained major success in commercial as well.

Bollywood Facts 2: budget of first film

Any people have already recognized about the first sound film called Alam Ra right? Shahrukh Khan was the star of such film. If it is related to the budget, people may recognize that such film spent about $24 million. It was a huge budget right?

bollywood dancing

bollywood dancing

Bollywood Facts 3: the Khans

Any people around the world especially Pakistan were the huge viewers of certain movies of Bollywood stared by the Khans whether Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan, or Salman Khan. Those three indeed are famous around the world.

Bollywood Facts 4: Lagaan

If you want a good fact about Bollywood, you may recognize that has certain movie called as Lagaan starred by Aamir Khan. Such movie has nation wide popularity especially within China. Mostly people there really love the movie actually.

bollywood facts

bollywood facts

Bollywood Facts 5: Rajesh Khanna

You need also to pay attention about in how certain actor such as Rajesh Khanna may become people’s concern as the first superstar within the Bollywood. The main reason especially because of the string hits of him.

Bollywood Facts 6: the Awards

There are no awards after 1954. In such year, the 1st Filmfare awards were conducted in order to provide any actors with recognition of their contribution to movies. That really made Bollywood become more recognizable around the world.

Bollywood groom

Bollywood groom

Bollywood Facts 7: the songs

The main characteristic of any Bollywood movies are the existence of more than 4 musical songs within a film. This make any Bollywood movies different than any other movies around the world.

Bollywood Facts 8:  Amitabh Batchan

If it is related to the most famous actor in Bollywood, any people may recognize the legendary actor such as Amitabh Batchan. Such actor has provide influence to any people around the world as the representation of Indian movies.

bollywood saree

bollywood saree

Bollywood Facts 9: highest ranking movies

It should be recognized as well about the fact related to the highest ranking movies. There are two movies which may include to this ranking indeed such as three idiots and also Chennai Express.

Bollywood Facts 10: golden age

Bollywood movies indeed have their golden age of popularity. The fact is that they have gained golden age within the year of 1940s up to the 1960s.

bollywood song

bollywood song

Any of you who love to watch Bollywood movies, you will have achieved better information if you may take benefit from facts about Bollywood provided above indeed.

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