10 Interesting Kurt Cobain Facts

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Kurt Cobain facts present one of the legendary musicians who ended his life. He was famous as a member of the greatest band, Nirvana. Even though people know that he committed suicide, the conspiracy theories about his death are still surfaced till today. Here are the facts about Kurt Cobain that you need to know:

Kurt Cobain Facts 1: Melvins

Before people become a great musician, they are often rejected. He was auditioned to be member of the Melvins, but he was rejected in the audition. But thanks God; he became the famous member in Nirvana.

Kurt Cobain Facts 2: teen life

Kurt Cobain’s early life was a bit difficult. He had to sleep on the sofa and lived in his friend’s house for 8 months.

Kurt Cobain Facts

Kurt Cobain Facts

Kurt Cobain Facts 3: Super-8 films

Super-8 films are the movie that he created from many years. In the movies, you can find a scene where he committed suicide. I bet you do not want to see the scene.

Kurt Cobain Facts 4: free time

It seems that Kurt Cobain was a unique man. He had a variety of guns that he used in his spare time for shooting in the woods. He also liked to buy meat from the grocery stores.

Kurt Cobain in Memory

Kurt Cobain in Memory

Kurt Cobain Facts 5: Boddah

The death of Kurt Cobain made people shocked. With great success with his band, Nirvana, how could he commit suicide?  In his suicide note, he addressed the note to Boddah, his imaginary friend.

Kurt Cobain Facts 6: Love Buzz

In 1988, the first single of Nirvana was released. It is entitled Love Buzz. Since he gave the copy of the single in the local radio station, he waited for the song to be played on air. Since he could not wait to hear it, he called the radio and requested the song to be played. Check another man in Harry Styles facts if you want to know the popular singer.

Kurt Cobain Musician

Kurt Cobain Musician

Kurt Cobain Facts 7: My Hero

My Hero is the song by Foo Fighters in 1997. It was made based on the story of Kurt Cobain. Grohl admitted it.

Kurt Cobain Facts 8: MTV Unplugged session

Nirvana had a successful MTV Unplugged session. It made Cobain find an idea to create orchestral and acoustic music for the fourth studio album of Nirvana.

Kurt Cobain Nirvana

Kurt Cobain Nirvana

Kurt Cobain Facts 9: Automatic for the People

Automatic for the People is the 1994 album of REM. When Kurt Cobain committed suicide, he was listening to the song.

Kurt Cobain Facts 10: stomach pain

Cobain suffered from the chronic stomach pain. To relieve the pain, he took heroin. Therefore, he had to struggle hard with drug addiction during his life.

Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain

Nirvana is a great band ever.  It had been nominated for 6 times in Grammy from 1992 to 1995. In 1996, Nirvana won the Best Alternative Music performance from Grammy award. Are you interested reading facts about Kurt Cobain?

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