10 Interesting Television Facts

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Television Facts tell you about one of the prominent technologies invented by human being. In the past, people have television in black and white images. Now you can have it in color. It can be in 2D or even 3D.  TV is considered as a form of telecommunication. It has moving images and sound. Get other interesting facts about television below:

Television Facts 1: TV

The people can use the word television or TV to call the medium of television transmission, television program or even television set.

Television Facts 2: the function of TV

TV has various functions. It is a form of telecommunication that people can use to advertise, spread the news, educate and entertain the people.

Television Facts

Television Facts

Television Facts 3: the basic form of TV

In the end of 1920s, TV was available in its basic form. The improvement of TV can be seen after the Second World War. It was very popular in Britain and United States. Then it was very common for the people to spot TV in various institutions, businesses and homes.

Television Facts 4: the public opinion

The public opinion could be influenced effectively by using the information on Television in 1950s.

Television Pictures

Television Pictures

Television Facts 5: the color broadcasting

The people who lived in United States and other developed countries in the world could enjoy the color broadcasting in the mid-1960s. Check facts about Star Trek here.

Television Facts 6: the recorded materials

The people were able to watch the recorded materials on TV after the invention of VHS tape in 1976, the Blue ray disc in HD in 2006 and DVD in 1997. All of them are considered as media storage.



Television Facts 7: the digital TV transmission

The popularity of digital TV transmission was increased in 2000s. It is due to the invention of the SDTV to HDTV. The latter one gives the viewers excellent resolution. Get facts about Star Wars here.

Television Facts 8: the format of HDTV

HDTV comes in several formats. You can choose 720p, 1080i and 1080p. The people can also select the smart TV. It usually is connected with internet. Therefore, you can access Chromecast, Roku, Hulu, iPlayer and Netflix. Now the TV set is not equipped with a bulky and chunky screen. The people can get the flat screen TV for you can buy the OLED, LED, or LCD displays.

Television Pic

Television Pic

Television Facts 9: the owners of TV

The report stated that 79 percent of the households in the world had a TV set at home in 2013.

Television Facts 10: the production of smart TV

The production of smart TV has been increased since the mid 2010s.

Facts about Television

Facts about Television

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