10 Interesting the French horn Facts

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You should know about the French horn facts. You can learn more about it by reading some French horn Facts. Perhaps you are also interested in playing it. Here are some trivia regarding the item.

The French horn Facts 1: the Name

Do you know why it is called the French horn? It has no relation to the France. In such country, this instrument is called cor. Many professionals prefer the name “horn”, though. It’s more accepted by people around the world.

The French horn Facts 2: the Hunting Horn

It was quite related to hunting horns. These were used in Germany and French hundreds of years ago. Yet, it remains unclear why the hunting horns were used in a musical setting. The French introduced it to the orchestra. However, the Germans invented the horn with valves.

The French Horn Facts

The French Horn Facts

The French horn Facts 3: the Bell

The players should put their hand in the horn bell. It was called the “hand stopping”. The first musical horns didn’t have valves, though. Thanks to A.J Hampel, today people can easily produce a wider range of diatonic scales.

The French horn Facts 4: the Development

At the first time, players were only able to play in one key. They considered it as a problem. It’s because they need to play in different keys. The solution was the creation of crooks. It could change the key of the instrument.

The French Horn Pic

The French Horn Pic

The French horn Facts 5: the Third Horn Part

The second horn part is lower than the third one. The French horn has a harmonic and supporting role. The 1st horn is cor alto. The second horn is cor bass. The third horn is considered the high horn. It has become a tradition that the 3rd horn is higher than the others.

The French horn Facts 6: the Brass Instrument

Horn players are able to crack many notes. Many people are impressed with them as they can play different notes with only 3 valves. It’s because this item is built around the harmonic series. Find facts about the Cello here.

The French Horn Pictures

The French Horn Pictures

The French horn Facts 7: Different Options

You can choose different types of horns. These include single, double, and triple French horns. Each of them has benefits. However, the single horn is suitable for beginners. It’s less expensive and lighter.

The French horn Facts 8: the Detachable Bells

The French horns have a unique shape. You can’t carry them easily. Due to this reason, the bell is detachable so that it’s easier to carry.

The French Horn Player

The French Horn Player

The French horn Facts 9: the Modern Horns

The modern French horns have louder and bigger tone. On the other hand, the older horns are smaller. These use rotary valves or piston valves. Check facts about the bass guitar here.

The French horn Facts 10: the Parts in Orchestra

Composers categorize the horns into two different parts in an orchestra. These are low horn part and high horn part.

The French Horn

The French Horn

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