10 Interesting Michael Jackson Facts

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Michael Jackson facts evoke the information about the most prominent singer in the world. Michael Jackson is very important in the music industry. He created magic with his moon walk and voice. Even though he had gone for good, people still love his music and dance. To memorize the journey of Michael Jackson, let me give you some facts about him:

Michael Jackson Facts 1: MTV

MTV is one of the prominent stations airing many songs from various singers. Michael Jackson is considered as the first black man whose video Billie Jean was airing on MTV. It is the first video with a black artist.

Michael Jackson Facts 2: Madame Tussauds museums

If you miss Michael Jackson and want to see him, you can go Madame Tussauds museums. In the museum spreading around the world, there are five statues of Michael Jackson.

White Michael Jackson

White Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Facts 3: Hollywood Walk of Fame

Hollywood Walk of Fame is one of the biggest achievements for singers or even actors. Michael Jackson is honored with two stars on Hollywood Walk of Fame. One star is used for recording. It is located at 6927 Hollywood Boulevard. Another one is for radio play. It is situated at 1541 Vine Street

Michael Jackson Facts 4: Life time earning

Michael Jackson is totally rich. It is estimated that he can gain $500 million for his life time earnings. He can get it from the solo recording, royalties, revenue concert, music videos and endorsement during his life time.

King of Pop

King of Pop

Michael Jackson Facts 5: a Presidential Humanitarian Award

Prudent Ronald Reagan gave Michael Jackson a Presidential Humanitarian Award in 1984. It is awarded because for his contribution of his charitable work to help people with drug abuse and alcohol abuse.

Michael Jackson Facts 6: Family Life

Michael Jackson has 8 siblings. He was the seventh child. Fin out another singer in the modern world by seeing Demi Lovato facts.

Michael Jackson as Kid

Michael Jackson as Kid

Michael Jackson Facts 7: Michael Jackson’s Album

If you want to check the best seller album of Michael Jackson, you can see Bad, Dangerous and Thriller. There are more than 300 million records sold around the world. See Elvis Presley facts to know about another prominent singer.

Michael Jackson Facts 8: Moonwalk Moves

If you think about Michael Jackson, you will imagine iconic moonwalk moves. He got the inspiration for the moonwalk when he saw some street dancers outside his hotel room. He debut the moves in a show in 1983.

Michael Jackson Facts

Michael Jackson Facts

Michael Jackson Facts 9: Dating

When it comes about her romantic relationship, many people do not know much. Let me remind you that Michael has dated Tatum O’Neal and Brooke Shields.

Michael Jackson Facts 10: Nicknames

There are several nick names attached to Michael Jackson. Some of them include MJ, King of Pop, Wacko Jack, and the Gloved One.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

There are many charitable events that Michael had done during his life. He is also considered as the king in West Africa. He got a royal title. The villagers in Gabon, Ivory Coast gave it in 1992. Do you have more facts to add on the facts about Michael Jackson above?

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