10 Interesting Dingo Facts

Monday, December 30th 2013. | Animals

Look at dingo facts if you want to know a unique animal in the world. This animal is included in the canine world. The animal can rotate easily. It can turn the door konb effortlessly because the paws of dingo can be functional like a hand. For more unique features about dingo, look at the explanation below:

Dingo Facts 1: Latin name

Dingo has the Latin name of Canis Lupus dingo.  It is included as a domestic dog. This animal lives independently from people. For thousand years, dingo lives as a wild animal.

Dingo Facts 2: name

The name of the animal dingo is always associated with Austrian dog population. Even though people can view the dog in Australia, it can be found in parts of Thailand.

dingo  illustration

dingo illustration

Dingo Facts 3: the color of coat

There are many colors of coat on dingo. You can see the color in the range of yellowish red or golden color. You can also see the white marking on the tip of tail, feet and underside.

Dingo Facts 4: an intelligent animal

It is not easy to have a dingo as your domestic dog. You cannot have it   to live side by side around human being. It is because of their independent nature. Dingo is also hard to train so that many people avoid dingo to have as a domestic dog.

Dingo Cute

Dingo Cute

Dingo Facts 5: apex predator

One of the apex predators in the Australia is dingo. Dingo and other terrestrial dogs in Australia form the biggest predator in the continent.

Dingo Facts 6: dingo in Asia

The population of dingoes in Asian continent is much lower compared to the ones found in Australia.

Dingo facts

Dingo facts

Dingo Facts 7: pest

Many people in Australia consider dingoes as a pest. Dingoes often attack the farm and livestock in the Australia.  That’s why some people hunt them. However, there is a program which is used to preserve dingoes.

Dingo Facts 8: mate

Dingoes are faithful animal. They will choose a mate for a lifetime. When the female dingoes deliver the pups, both of them have the responsibility to raise the pups.



Dingo Facts 9: mating season

The female and male dingoes will mate once in a year. In South East Asia, the mating season starts in August or September. In Australia, it begins in March or June.

Dingo Facts 10: dominance

There is a unique behavior when it comes about the dominance of dingoes. The pups of other female dingoes will be killed by the dominant female dingo.  This behavior is used to give her own pups the subdominant female to take care.



Most young male dingoes live alone. When they like to hunt large kangaroos, they form a group consisting of 10 dingoes. Are you satisfied with facts about Dingo?

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