10 Interesting the Dugong Facts

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Let me show you about marine mammals on The Dugong Facts. Dugong has a medium sized body. Dugong has a close relationship with Hydrodamalis gigas or Steller’s sea cow. Dugong is considered as a unique mammal because it is herbivorous. The main diet of dugong is sea grass. There is no need to wonder that dugong lives in the area filled with seagrass. Therefore, the people can spot dugong in inter-reefal waters, bays, water of inshore islands and mangrove channels. Check other facts about dugong in the following post below:

The Dugong Facts 1: the primary habitat

The people believe that the primary habitat for dugong is located between Moreton Bay and Shark Bay in Australian waters.

The Dugong Facts 2: the physical appearance

Dugong has the paddle line flippers or forelimbs. You will not find any hind limbs or dorsal fin in dugong for it has a fusiform body.

Facts about Dugong

Facts about Dugong

The Dugong Facts 3: how to differentiate dugong

Dugong has unique teeth, skull, and dolphin like tail which make the marine animals different from other manatees.

The Dugong Facts 4: the importance of dugong

Dugong is considered as important marine animals for many people.   The oil and meat of dugong have been hunted by the people since thousands of years ago. The traditional people in pacific islands and northern Australia still hunt dugong because it has cultural significance.

Dugong Pictures

Dugong Pictures

The Dugong Facts 5: the status of dugong

Dugong receives the status as a vulnerable species by IUCN. Many countries try to protect dugong. However, the population of the marine animal is still decreased. The main causes of the declined population of dugong are related to hunting, habitat degradation and fishing related fatalities.

The Dugong Facts 6: the life span of dugong

Even though dugong has the long life span, the reproduction of this animal is very slow.  It can live up to 10 years old.

Dugong Pic

Dugong Pic

The Dugong Facts 7: where to find dugong

You can find dugongs on the eastern coast of Africa and western Pacific Ocean. They are spreading around the warm waters. Check facts about cane toad here.

The Dugong Facts 8: the disappearances

Dugong has disappeared from the waters of Vietnam, Philippines, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Cambodia and Mauritius.

Dugong Image

Dugong Image

The Dugong Facts 9: the location of depth

Dugong likes to engage in the waters with the depth at 33 feet or 10 meter.

The Dugong Facts 10: the population of dugong in the end of 1960s

There were around 500 dugongs spotted along East African waters in the end of 1960s. Find facts about dodo birds here.



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