10 Interesting Penguin Facts

Tuesday, June 11th 2013. | Animals

Penguin facts reveal the interesting and funny features and characters on this beloved animal. Not only kids but also adults love to see penguins when visiting a marine park, an ocean world or even a zoo in town. This amazing bird can be seen in various shows in a marine park when the school is off. Here are some special facts about penguin to know:

Penguin Facts 1: Species of Penguin

Penguin has 18 different species. Five species are in severe condition and subject to excitation, while the 13 species are thriving. People need to concern much about protecting penguins because their habitat is decreased now.

Penguin Facts 2: Habitat of Penguins

When you want to meet penguins, you can go to the zoo. But you can see the abundant penguins on the southern hemisphere. Most people think that penguins can be seen only in Antarctic. It is not true at all for you can view penguins in Australia, South Africa, South America, New Zealand and Australia.

Penguin Facts

Penguin Facts

Penguin Facts 3: Good Swimmer

Even though penguins are considered as birds, they are the only bird species which cannot fly. They cannot fly since million years ago. However, they are good swimmers since they have powerful and strong flippers.

Penguin Facts 4: Galapagos penguins

The Galapagos penguins are the only penguins which can come across the northern hemisphere. They can reach the Galapagos Island when searching for food.

Penguin in Line

Penguin in Line

Penguin Facts 5: Countershading

Penguins comprise two colors. The front part comes in light white, while the back part comes in black. The body color is called as the countershading. This color is a good protection when they swim deep down the sea.

Penguin Facts 6: carnivorous animal

Penguins are considered as a carnivorous animal. Their food is abundant on the sea. They like eating squid, krill, fish, crustaceans and shrimp. Some penguins are only consuming fish.

Jumping Penguin

Jumping Penguin

Penguin Facts 7: The Emperor Penguin

The latest penguin species is the emperor penguin. The weight of the species is around 90 pounds. The smallest penguins are the fairy penguin. The weight is only 2 pounds.

Penguin Facts 8: Yellow-Eyed Penguin

The rarest penguin in the world is the yellow eyed penguins. The population fluctuated soon since it is only 5000 yellow eyed penguins. You can meet this species when visiting New Zealand.

Penguin Leaps

Penguin Leaps

Penguin Facts 9: Super Eyesight

Even though penguins lose their flying ability, they are gifted by strong eyesight. The eyes can operate better when penguins swim underwater.  The dark and could water is not a big deal when penguins want to hunt.

Penguin Facts 10: Life Span

The wild penguins that spend most of their time in the ocean can live up to 20 years.   However, the animals are prey for other animals living in the sea such as sharks, snakes, skuas, orcas, seals and sea lion.



Penguins are very social animals for they always live in a group. The colonies can consist of million penguins. So what do you think on the facts about penguin?

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