10 Interesting Phosphorus Facts

Tuesday, October 14th 2014. | Science

If you like to study about science, let check out Phosphorus Facts. In the periodic table, it has the atomic number 15. The element is symbolized with P. You can find out that it has one atom in the nucleus and 15 protons. Get more facts about Phosphorus in the following post below:

Phosphorus Facts 1: the natural Phosphorus

There are two kinds of Phosphorus that you can find in nature. Both are the red Phosphorus and white Phosphorus.

Phosphorus Facts 2: discovery

Let’s check the information about the discovery of Phosphorus. In 1669, it was discovered by Hennig Brand. It is so funny to know that Phosphorus was extracted from the buckets of urine.

Phosphorus 15

Phosphorus 15

Phosphorus Facts 3: the first element

Do you know that the first element ever discovered in the world was Phosphorus?  Even though it was discovered for the first time, the human civilization did not use it for hundred years ago.

Phosphorus Facts 4: “Devil’s Element”

The nickname of Phosphorus is “Devil’s Element”. People call it like this because of two reasons. The first one is because this element is very explosive. The second reason because it is the thirteenth element discovered.

Phosphorus Burning

Phosphorus Burning

Phosphorus Facts 5: phosphorous inside the human body

Phosphorus can be found inside the human body. You can find it this element in the cell membranes, ATP, RNA, and DNA. Check out DNA facts here.

Phosphorus Facts 6: characteristics

Let’s find out the characteristic of phosphorus. It comes in colorless look. But in typical condition, it has waxy white solid color and texture.  In the air, phosphorus is combustible spontaneously.

Phosphorus Facts

Phosphorus Facts

Phosphorus Facts 7: the less common phosphorus

There are actually three types of less common phosphorus that you can learn. Those are the black phosphorus, scarlet phosphorus and violet phosphorus.

Phosphorus Facts 8: fertilizer

In the commercial business, phosphorus can be found a lot in fertilizer.  But you can also find this content in some household products, pesticides and detergent.

Phosphorus Pic

Phosphorus Pic

Phosphorus Facts 9: the isotopes

Phosphorus only has one stable isotope. It is P-31. Actually the number of isotopes that this element has is 23. P31 has the abundance of 100 percent.

Phosphorus Facts 10: the availability

You will never find phosphorus in the nature alone. It usually can be found in many minerals. The main source of phosphorus is guano. The country which has the most production of phosphorus is Middle East.



Phosphorus has the melting point at 111.5 F and atomic weight at 30.973762. Do you want to comment on facts about phosphorus?

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