10 Interesting Plate Tectonics Facts

Monday, October 27th 2014. | Science

If you want to study about earth, you have to check out Plate Tectonics Facts. There are some people who think that the land in our earth is stable and fixed. In reality, the land is moving constantly. We can barely notice the movement of the plate since the movement is very slow. Get more facts about plate tectonic in the following post below:

Plate Tectonics Facts 1: land movement

We can barely notice the movement because it is very slow. In one year, the land moves in one to six inches. To move a large amount of land, it will take millions of years.

Plate Tectonics Facts 2: lithosphere

What is lithosphere? Have you ever heard this word before? Lithosphere is called as the part of the land which moves.  It is also included as a part of the upper mantle. The tectonic plate or the big chuck of land can move because of lithosphere.

Plate Tectonic Pic

Plate Tectonic Pic

Plate Tectonics Facts 3: the major plate tectonic in the world

Our planet has seven major plates. Those are the Pacific, India-Australia, South American, Northern America, African, and Eurasian and Antarctic plates.

Plate Tectonics Facts 4: the minor tectonic plates

Can you tell me the minor tectonic plates in the world? They include Nazca, Arabian, Scotia, and Caribbean plates.

Plate Tectonic

Plate Tectonic

Plate Tectonics Facts 5: types of and thickness of tectonic plates

Plate tectonic is separated in two types. Both are the continental and oceanic plate tectonics. In average, it has the thickness around 62 miles.

Plate Tectonics Facts 6: continental plate tectonic

The plate tectonic included in continental plates is created from aluminum and silicon.  The oceanic plate is created from the oceanic crust from silicon and magnesium or sima.

Plate Tectonics Facts

Plate Tectonics Facts

Plate Tectonics Facts 7: movement of tectonic plates

There are three types of boundaries between the tectonic plates. Those are the divergent boundaries, convergent boundaries and transform boundaries.

Plate Tectonics Facts 8: San Andreas Fault in California

San Andreas Fault in California is one of the famous types of transform boundary of tectonic plate in the world. It is bounded the Pacific plate and North American plate. Get facts about California here.

Plate Tectonics Pic

Plate Tectonics Pic

Plate Tectonics Facts 9: The plate tectonic in the universe

The experts believe that the plate tectonic occurs in other parts of the universe. On 14 January 2005, Huygens Probe took pictures on the largest moon of Saturn called Titan. The pictures show the tectonic activities in the moon.

Plate Tectonics Facts 10: The Mariana Trench

The deepest part of our ocean is located in Mariana Trench. It is included as the famous example of convergent boundary between the Mariana Plate and pacific plate.

Plate Tectonics

Plate Tectonics

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