10 Interesting Physics Facts

Thursday, October 16th 2014. | Science

Physics Facts elaborate the interesting ideas about the science which explores on why apple falling on the ground and why time changing.  There are many physicists who want to break the dichotomy and tell the nature of the world.   Here are some interesting ideas about physics for you:

Physics Facts 1: an astronaut

The women should dream to become an astronaut if they want to feel pretty.  The reduced gravity on the ISS made the women can experience the time slowly. Therefore, you can look younger.

Physics Facts 2: atoms

When you learn about physics, you need to learn about atom. Can you tell me the dimension of atom? Actually it occupies 99.9999999999999 per cent empty space.

Physics Facts

Physics Facts

Physics Facts 3: light

Traveling as fast as light is not easy to do for you. The light can only travel fast if it is inside a vacuum. If the light has to travel passing an object, it will travel so slowly. For example, when a light wants to travel through the ultra cooled rubidium, it has the speed at 38 miles per hour at absolute zero.

Physics Facts 4: reflection of water and sunlight

We can say that the reflection of sunlight on the water can bring the shining angle look. Do you know that the reflection of sunlight off the water is in the similar angle where the sunlight shines?

Physics Image

Physics Image

Physics Facts 5: the universe

Can you guess the matter inside our universe? Actually it is not easy to answer the question because 2 percent of the universe is only made from stellar objects, planets and stars. The rest of them are still questionable. Some people call it dark energy to dark matter.

Physics Facts 6: Diamonds

One of the precious gem stones in the world is diamond? It is very hard but exclusive to view. When people want to create diamond, actually they can use the graphite.  You have to apply 3000 degree Celsius temperature and pressure of 100,000 to change graphite into a diamond. Find out diamond facts here.

Physics Pic

Physics Pic

Physics Facts 7: the heat

Let’s compare the heat on the entire atmosphere of earth with the heat on the ocean. You can enjoy the similar heat on the first 10 feet of the ocean with the similar heat of the entire atmosphere.

Physics Facts 8: the Dead Sea

One of the interesting seas in the world is the Dead Sea. You can float on the Dead Sea without drowning due to the high amount of salt here.

Physics View

Physics View

Physics Facts 9: the heat on the sun

It seems that the sun has a competitor because the flashing lighting bold is three times hotter than the sun.

Physics Facts 10: gravity

The weight of a person is determined by the gravity.  On earth, you have 200 pounds of weight. In Mars, you only weigh 76 pounds.



Are you impressed with facts about physics?

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