10 Interesting Tantalum Facts

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The chemical element which has the atomic number 73 is explained on Tantalum Facts. The symbol of tantalum is Ta. In the past, people called this element tantalium. The name of this element was taken from the name of the antihero in Greek mythology, Tantalus. In the medical world, tantalum is often used for bone repair and medical implants. Get other interesting facts about Tantalum by reading the below post:

Tantalum Facts 1: the characteristics

Let’s find out the characteristics of tantalum. You have to be careful when handling this element due to the highly corrosion resistant feature. This lustrous transition metal has the blue gray color. It has hard texture. This material is rare.

Tantalum Facts 2: the value

Tantalum is considered as a valuable element. When the people are running out of platinum, they can use tantalum to replace it. Tantalum is also important for laboratory experiment due to the chemical inertness. In alloys, tantalum only accounts for a minor part.

Tantalum Pictures

Tantalum Pictures

Tantalum Facts 3: the primary usage of tantalum

Can you mention some primary uses of tantalum? The people can use it to create capacitors for computers, video game systems, DVD players and cell phones.

Tantalum Facts 4: the rare metal

It is not easy to find tantalum. That’s why it is included in the list of rare metal. Check facts about sulfuric acid here.

Facts about Tantalum

Facts about Tantalum

Tantalum Facts 5: who discovered tantalum?

Anders Ekeberg discovered tantalum in 1802 in Sweden. The element columbium was discovered by Charles Hatchett a year earlier. Find facts about steel here.

Tantalum Facts 6: the purity

In 1903, Werner von Bolton was successful to generate the pure ductile metal of Tantalum.

Tantalum Image

Tantalum Image

Tantalum Facts 7: the earlier usage of tantalum

At first, the light bulb filaments were made from metallic tantalum. Then it was not used anymore because people replaced it using tungsten.

Tantalum Facts 8: the natural isotopes of tantalum

There are two types of isotopes of tantalum occurred naturally in the world. Both are 181Ta and 180mTa. The stable one is 181Ta.

Tantalum facts

Tantalum facts

Tantalum Facts 9: electrolytic capacitor

Tantalum is mostly used as the high power resistors and electrolytic capacitors. It can be made in a metal powder. That’s why; the industry uses it due to the weight and size benefits. It fits well on the automotive electronics, personal computers and portable telephones.

Tantalum Facts 10: alloys

There are various types of alloys produced by using tantalum due to the ductility, strength and high melting point. The manufacturers can produce filaments or fine wires because of the impressive ductility.

Tantalum Pic

Tantalum Pic

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