10 Interesting Hydrogen Facts

Wednesday, April 2nd 2014. | Science

If you like to study about science, you need to read hydrogen facts. Hydrogen is one of the interesting elements in the periodic table.  This element can be found in earth for it is very abundant. It is very easy to get hydrogen in the world. Find out more about the weight, atomic number and isotope of hydrogen by reading the following post below:

Hydrogen Facts 1: atomic weight

Hydrogen is considered as the lightest element in the periodic table. It is only weighting 1.00794.

Hydrogen Facts 2: atomic number

Atomic number of hydrogen is 1. If you see the periodic table, it comes in the first position. The atomic number 1 means that each hydrogen atom consists of 1 proton.

Hydrogen Chemist

Hydrogen Chemist

Hydrogen Facts 3: element of hydrogen in the universe

The most abundant element in the universe is hydrogen.  It occupies more than 75 percent of the mass of universe.

Hydrogen Facts 4: hydrides

Hydrides are a term used by the scientists to call the hydrogen compounds.

Hydrogen Element

Hydrogen Element

Hydrogen Facts 5: protium

Protium is the most general isotope that scientists can find. Protium  consists of 0 neutrons and 1 proton.

Hydrogen Facts 6: production of hydrogen

The scientists can produce hydrogen by reacting acids and metals. For example, you can react hydrochloric acid and zinc.

Hydrogen facts

Hydrogen facts

Hydrogen Facts 7:flammable element

You need to be careful with hydrogen because this element is very flammable. The explosion of Hindenburg ships was linked with hydrogen.  Probably you do not know that the space shuttle engine gets the fuel from the hydrogen.

Hydrogen Facts 8:gas

The characteristics of this element can be seen at the room temperature. There is no physical form of hydrogen because it comes in odorless and colorless gas.

Hydrogen Image

Hydrogen Image

Hydrogen Facts 9:compounds

Talking about the compounds of hydrogen,  the positive charge of H+  or negative charge H- can change based on the compound reactions.

Hydrogen Facts 10:benefits

To the life of human being, hydrogen gives a lot of benefit. It can be used in the production of the fossil fuel.



Production of ammonia depends on the hydrogen. Do you have any question on facts about hydrogen?

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