10 Interesting Maryland Facts

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Maryland facts bring the information about one of the main states in US. If you go to Annapolis, you need to go to the US Naval Clammy. It was founded on 10 October 1845. The first railroad station was built by Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Company in Baltimore in 1830. Do you want to know more facts about Maryland? Look at the post below:

Maryland Facts 1: Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

If you want to know one of the finest buildings in Baltimore made in 19th century, you can go to the Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This first cathedral made in US evokes the first Roman Catholic.

Maryland Facts 2: King Williams School

The first School in United States is King Williams School. It was opened in 1696.

Maryland at night

Maryland at night

Maryland Facts 3: Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth is one for the most prominent baseball players in the history. The man attended Saint Mary Industrial School and was born in Baltimore.

Maryland Facts 4: Baseball Players

It seems that Maryland is a home to some famous baseball players. Some of them are Denny Neagle, Harold Baines, Frank (Home Run) Baker, Lefty Grove, Cal Ripken, Jr, Jimmie Foxx and Al Kaline. Look at Maine facts to know other prominent sport players.

Maryland Facts

Maryland Facts

Maryland Facts 5: America’s National Anthem

Do you know the man who wrote the America’s national anthem? He is a Maryland lawyer named Francis Scott Key. He made it while he watched the Fort McHenry in Baltimore harbor on 14 September 1814.

Maryland Facts 6: The National Aquarium

There are many attractions that people can visit when they are in Maryland. You can go to the Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. It sits the national Aquarium. Get more attractions in Illinois facts.

maryland map

maryland map

Maryland Facts 7: Backbone Mountain

You can see the highest point in Maryland by visiting Garret County. It is the home to the high Backbone Mountain. It sits on the elevation for 3,360 feet above the sea level. If you want to know the lowest point in Maryland, you can go to the Queen Anne’s County. The lowest point is often called by people as Bloody Point Hole. It is measured at 174 feet under the sea level.

Maryland Facts 8: Annapolis

If you want to know the sailing capital in the world, you need to go to Maryland and visit Annapolis.

Maryland State

Maryland State

Maryland Facts 9: Havre de Grace

If you want to know the decoy capital of the world, you need to go to Havre de Grace. In this area, you can see the oldest operated lighthouse in Maryland. It is called as Concord Point Lighthouse.

Maryland Facts 10: Maryland forests

Maryland forests are rich. They are dominated with hickory, oak, pine, and plants.

Maryland Vacation

Maryland Vacation

Maryland is a home to the only open railroad bridge in the world. It is called as The Bollman Truss Railroad Bridge. This railroad is constructed from wrought iron and cast iron. It is located in Savage. Do you have any comment on facts about Maryland?

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