10 Interesting Himachal Pradesh Facts

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Let’s find out interesting information about a state in North India on Himachal Pradesh Facts.  The literal meaning of the state is Snow-laden Region. The west side is occupied by Punjab, while the north is occupied by Jammu and Kashmir. The east side of Himachal Pradesh is occupied by Tibet Autonomous Region, while the south-east side is occupied by Uttarakhand. Himachal Pradesh has the total area at 21,495 square miles or 55,673 km square. Check other facts about Himachal Pradesh below:

Himachal Pradesh Facts 1: the fame

The hill stations, Himalayan landscape and temples are some interesting features that you can find in Himachal Pradesh.

Himachal Pradesh Facts 2: the economy

Himachal Pradesh has a wonderful economy. The state makes it to the list of the highest per capita income of Indian states and union territories in 2013/2014. The state took the 15th position.

Himachal Pradesh Facts

Himachal Pradesh Facts

Himachal Pradesh Facts 3: hydroelectric projects

There are various hydroelectric projects in Himachal Pradesh. There is no need to wonder that other states in India like Rajasthan, Punjab and Delhi buy the surplus of hydroelectricity from Himachal Pradesh. Check facts about Indian History here.

Himachal Pradesh Facts 4: the sources of economy

The sources of economy in Himachal Pradesh depend on the agriculture, tourism and hydroelectric project.

Himachal Pradesh Pictures

Himachal Pradesh Pictures

Himachal Pradesh Facts 5: the center of population

The rural area in Himachal Pradesh serves as the center of the population because it is occupied by 90 percent of all people in the state.

Himachal Pradesh Facts 6: hygiene

The level of hygiene in Himachal Pradesh is higher because a toilet is found in all houses in the state.

Himachal Pradesh Pic

Himachal Pradesh Pic

Himachal Pradesh Facts 7: corruption

The corruption level in Himachal Pradesh is low.  It was considered as the second-least corrupt state in India based on the 2005 Transparency International Survey. The first position was taken by Kerala.

Himachal Pradesh Facts 8: the location of Himachal Pradesh

This mountainous state is located in the western Himalayas. The highest mountain in Himachal Pradesh is Reo Purgyil. It has the height at 6,816 meter. Get facts about Indian culture here.

Himachal Pradesh India

Himachal Pradesh India

Himachal Pradesh Facts 9: the alpine tracts

It is very common to spot snowfall when you are in the alpine tracts.

Himachal Pradesh Facts 10: the flora and fauna

It is believed that the state is inhabited by 359 animal species and 463 birds. Saussurea bracteata, Lancea tibetica, and Hyoscyamus Niger are some the unique plants which have the medicinal value. They can be found in Lahaul-Spiti region. The people cultivate various flowers like lilies, tulips, roses, marigolds and chrysanthemums.

Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh

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