10 Interesting Colorado Facts

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Enjoy the amazing information about Colorado facts in the post below. When talking about Colorado, You need to know more about the red marble. This state gains its Beulah Red name for their original marble for it is denotative in term of polishing, cutting and installing. Beulah red is found in Colorado State capitol:

Colorado Facts 1: Olympics

It is a very surprising fact to know that Colorado is the only state in the history that rejected the Olympics to hold on their state. More than 62 percent state voters disagreed to have Olympic winter to celebrate on Denver because for three main reasons such as population boom, pollution and cost.

Colorado Facts 2: Grand Mesa

You can visit Grand Mesa if you want to know the largest flat top mountain in the world. Another interesting place is seen in Alabama facts.

Colorado Map

Colorado Map

Colorado Facts 3: Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is the home to the US Air Force Academy. Another important place is explained in Ohio facts.

Colorado Facts 4: Cheeseburger

In 1935 Louis Ballast got the award from the trademark for the name for cheeseburger. The invention of cheeseburger is claimed to occur in Denver.

colorado river

colorado river

Colorado Facts 5: Idaho Springs

If you go to Idaho springs, you need to visit Road to Mt. Evans. It is considered as the highest paved road in North America with the height around 14,258 feet above the sea level.

Colorado Facts 6: Leadville

Leadville gets its name from the founding father because for many silver discoveries in the town. This is the highest incorporate city in US. The elevation is counted around 10,430 feet.

colorado springs

colorado springs

Colorado Facts 7: Name for Colorado

Many people recognize Colorado as centennial state. Colored red is the meaning of Colorado.

Colorado Facts 8: The Dwight Eisenhower Memorial Tunnel

If you want to know the highest auto tunnel in the world, you can go to The Dwight Eisenhower Memorial Tunnel. It is located between Clear Creek and Summit counties. The length for the tunnel is around 8,960 feet. In a day, it is accessed by 26,000 vehicles.

Colorado Facts

Colorado Facts

Colorado Facts 9: America the Beautiful

America the Beautiful is written by Katherine Lee Bates. After viewing Pikes Peak, she got the inspiration to write it.

Colorado Facts 10: Republic Plaza

Denver is one of the prominent cities in Colorado. It is the home to the tallest building in Colorado. You can visit Republic Plaza. It contains 57 stories.

Downtown telluride colorado

Downtown telluride colorado

There are many things to learn and enjoy when you visit Denver. This city holds the western stock show each year. It is considered as the largest rodeo show in the world. If you want to enjoy a scenic view, you can also do it in the city. It has the largest city park system in US.   It is located nearby the mountain and spans in 20,000 acres for almost 205 parks in the city. If you want to enjoy the tallest sand dune in America, it will be great if you go to the Great Sand Dunes National Monument. It is located just outside Alamosa. The peak is around 700 feet in the area of 46,000 acres. Do you have any comment on facts about Colorado?

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