10 Interesting Texas Facts

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The lone star state is explained in Texas facts. If you have a chance to visit America, you have to go to Texas. You can see many interesting features in this area. You can go to San Antonio to see the Alamo. This place is named as the cradle of the Texas liberty. This historic place always reminds people with the falling of Texas defenders. Let see more Texas facts below:

Texas Facts 1: Flags of Nation

The only state in US which has six different flags flying over the area is Texas. The flags of France, Republic of Texas, Mexico, Spain, US and confederate States fly over on the area.

Texas Facts 2: King Ranch

Texas is big enough to accommodate more inhabitants. Compared to Rhode Island, the King Ranch in Texas is bigger.

Texas City

Texas City

Texas Facts 3: Wool

One of the main commodities of Texas people is wool. You do not need to wonder if you find out that Texas can produce more wool compared to any other states in US. When you visit Texas, you can also see the largest heard of whitetail deer.

Texas Facts 4: Tropical Storm Claudette

One of the big disasters occurred in Texas is called as Tropical Storm Claudette.  It occurred from July 24 to 26 1979. The total damage cost was around $600 million. The rain came 45 inches on Texas.

Texas Facts

Texas Facts

Texas Facts 5: Sam Houston

One of the most famous Texans is Sam Houston. He was born in Virginia.

Texas Facts 6: The Oldest Tree

The oldest tree in Texas is the coastal live oak. The location of this tree is near Fulton. The age of the tree is round 1,500 years.

Texas Industry

Texas Industry

Texas Facts 7: Texas Revolution

Texas Revolution is very important in the history.   Golid is the witness of the first offensive action during the revolution. It happened on 9 October 1835. The fort and town in Texas were captured by the local colonists.

Texas Facts 8: Declaration of Texas Independence

Declaration of Texas Independence marks the freedom of Texan people. It was signed on 20 December 1835 in Goliad. Then the flag of Texas flew over.

Texas Scene

Texas Scene

Texas Facts 9: Austin

Austin is the capital city of the state. It is located in south central Texas near the Colorado River. Texas pink granite is used by the contractor to create the capitol building. Austin is used as the capital from 1840 to 1842.

Texas Facts 10: Industry

Some biggest computer industries located in Texas are the Dell and Compaq computers. Both are located in central Texas.



Texas is famous with some professional sport teams. You can see Texas rangers, San Antonio Spurs, Houston Rockets. Houston Astros, Dallas Maverick, Dallas Cowboys and many more. Please comment on facts about Texas above.

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