10 Interesting Connecticut Facts

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Find out more about the state in US through reading the Connecticut Facts. Connecticut is one of the prominent states in US. If you have visited the state, I know that you must be impressed with the building, scenic view and public places. New Haven District Telephone Company is the first company made the first telephone book in US. The company was located in New Haven. The 1878 telephone book only had fifty names. Get more facts by reading the post below:

Connecticut Facts 1: Copper

One of the most prominent mines in Connecticut is copper. The first discovery of copper was in 1705 at Simsbury. The revolutionary war also makes the copper mine well known.  In 1737, the first copper coinage was initiated by Doctor Samuel Higley of Simsbury.

Connecticut Facts 2: The Oldest Public Library

The oldest public library in US is taken by The Scoville Memorial Library. The collection in the library at the first time was only 200 books. It begins when Richard Smith bought 200 books from London in 1771.

Connecticut Map

Connecticut Map

Connecticut Facts 3: Mary Kies

The first woman to receive the US patent is Mary Kies. This woman comes from South Killingly. She gained it because of her invention to weaving straw using milk on 15th May 1809.

Connecticut Facts 4: Naugatuck Valley

Naugatuck Valley is the place where the first trade association in America was invented. Read more about Delaware facts if you like learning about US state.

Connecticut Scenic View

Connecticut Scenic View

Connecticut Facts 5: Unique Rule

There are some unique rules that you can find on US. In Connecticut Hartford, the citizens are forbidden to walk on hand when crossing the street.

Connecticut Facts 6: Telephone Service

The first subscribed roof telephone exchanged service was built in New Haven. More than 21 citizens applied as the subscribers on 28 January 1878.

Connecticut Facts

Connecticut Facts

Connecticut Facts 7: Pigs in Connecticut

The branding of cattle began in Connecticut. The law states that the farmers should brand their pigs. Read Idaho facts if you want to know other laws in US.

Connecticut Facts 8: Record

There are many records that the state has. It was in 1934 that the Polaroid camera was invented. The first hamburger was made in 1895. The color television was created in 1948, while the first helicopter was created in 1939.

Bellevue Skyline

Bellevue Skyline

Connecticut Facts 9: Newspapers

There are up to 144 newspapers business in Connecticut. It can be in the form of weekly, Sunday, daily and monthly newspaper. If you want to know the oldest US newspaper, look at the Hartford Courant. It was firstly published in 1764.

Connecticut Facts 10: The First Automobile

It was in 1901 that the first automobile crossed the street in Connecticut. The speed was only 12 miles per hour.

Building in Connecticut

Building in Connecticut

If you like to know more about wrestling, you can go to WWF headquarter. It is located in Stamford CT. If you want to know more about submarine and ships, you can go to the Submarine Force Museum. It is located in Groton. Do you have any more facts about Connecticut?

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