10 Interesting Oklahoma Facts

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Oklahoma facts inform you with interesting topics about Oklahoma. There are many historic and attractive places that you can visit when you are in Oklahoma. You can get more information about the important events and celebration in Oklahoma. In 1933, the amateur soft ball association of America was established in Oklahoma City. It was made for the nonprofit organization. Now it becomes the most powerful softball organization in US. Get more facts about OK below:

Oklahoma Facts 1: Hopes and Dreams

Hopes and Dreams is the title for a sculpture that you can see in downtown Perry. The creator is Bill Bennett. He is a local sculptor of the state which depicts the life of a couple living in an opener western frontier.

Oklahoma Facts 2: The Oldest Park

The oldest park in Oklahoma is Turner Fall Park. It is situated in Davis. You can also see the largest waterfall in the park. Other attractions include the swimming pool, scenic view and Arbuckle Mountains. Find more parks in Michigan facts.

Oklahoma Buildings

Oklahoma Buildings

Oklahoma Facts 3: Capitol Site No. 1

Capitol Site No. 1. Is an operating oil well in Oklahoma? It is located on the state capitol ground.

Oklahoma Facts 4: On the Chisholm Trail

On the Chisholm Trail is the title of the life size statue of cattle drive. It is the monument for an American cowboy located in Duncan in 1998.

Oklahoma Facts

Oklahoma Facts

Oklahoma Facts 5: Anadarko

If you want to learn more about the authentic Indian city in US, you can go to Anadarko. You just have to go to the southwest Oklahoma because the location sits on the Washita River. Look at Louisiana facts to know the historical building.

Oklahoma Facts 6: Fort sill

Fort sill is the location of the main artillery fort. It was established by William T. Sherman, Phillip H. Sheridan and George A. Custer.

Oklahoma Map

Oklahoma Map

Oklahoma Facts 7: Thomas P. Stafford

If you like to know more astronomy and space, I believe that you are familiar with Thomas P. Stafford. He is an astronaut whose life statue is located in Weatherford. The statue is used as an honor to him.

Oklahoma Facts 8: Choctaw

In 1893, Choctaw got its status as a town in Oklahoma. It is considered as the oldest chartered town in the state.

Oklahoma Picture

Oklahoma Picture

Oklahoma Facts 9: Sylvan Goldman

The first shopping cart was created by Sylvan Goldman.

Oklahoma Facts 10: Jenks

If you go Oklahoma, I recommend you to visit Jenks. You are served with a lot of options when it comes about shopping and attraction. You can enjoy Carter Malls, Museums, Gift Shops, Antique stores and Collectible retailers.

Oklahoma Scape

Oklahoma Scape

The tribal capital for Cherokee nation is located in Tahlequah. Guthrie is the first capital of Oklahoma. Now it is Oklahoma City after many people vote it as the capital of Oklahoma. In 1935 the first electric guitar was created by a musician from Beggs named Bob Dunn. Do you have any more information on facts about Oklahoma?

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