10 Interesting Florida Facts

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Florida Facts will be associated with beach, Miami and history of the state. If you like to know the promotions, preservation and diffusion of the Hispanic and Latin American art, you need to go to the Florida Museum of Hispanic and Latin American Art. It is located in Coral Gables. The museum is the one and only in US giving you info about Hispanic and Latin art. Check out other interesting facts about Florida below:

Florida Facts 1: Pinellas Trail

If you are an explorer who wants a big challenge, you can go to the Pinellas Trail. It is considered as the longest urban trail in the eastern part of US.  The biking and hiking trail has the length of 47 miles. It links the St. Petersburg and Pinellas County.

Florida Facts 2: Titusville

Visit the Space city in US. You just have to go to Florida and reach Titusville. This city is located near the JFK Space center.

Florida Amusement park

Florida Amusement park

Florida Facts 3: Rivers

There are two rivers in Florida with similar name.  This state is the only one which has a similar name of two rivers. The first river is in Madison country, while the second one is located in central Florida. Both rivers are named as Withlacoochee.

Florida Facts 4: Annual Mug Race

If you want to enjoy a changeling race, you can go to Florida to see Annual Mug Race. It is considered das the longest river sailboard race in the world. The players have to expose the 42 mile journey. It will begin from Palatka to Jacksonville and St. Johns River

Florida Beach

Florida Beach

Florida Facts 5: Japanese Culture

Besides the Hispanic culture, the people visiting Florida will know much about Japanese culture by coming to The Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens at. It is located in Delray Beach.

Florida Facts 6: Fort Meade

The oldest settlement is Fort Meade. It is situated in Polk County. The growth of this settlement occurred in Semibole Indian wars. It was in 1849.

Florida facts

Florida facts

Florida Facts 7: Fred Bear Museum

There are many museums in Florida that you can visit with friend and family. You can go to Fred Bear Museum. This museum was constructed as an honor to Fred Bear. He is the founder of Bear Archery Company and promoter of wildlife management. The museum is located in Gainesville.

Florida Facts 8: Hawthorne Trail

Hawthorne Trail is a medium size train. It has the length around 17 miles. People like to visit this trail because you can walk, ride a horse and cycle along the trail. Anotehr trail to visit can be seen in Yosemite National Park.

Florida Light House

Florida Light House

Florida Facts 9: Fort Lauderdale

Visit the Venice of American by visiting Fort Lauderdale. The city was called as Venice because it has a local waterway in the length of 185 miles.

Florida Facts 10: Greater Miami

Greater Miami is bordered by two national parks. Both are the Biscayne National Park and Everglades National Park.  Read dolphin facts to more about an aquatic animal.

Florida Scenic Look

Florida Scenic Look

If you want to teach your kids most about under water animals such as mollusks, you can go to the museum located in Sanibel. It has the collection of more than 2 million of shells. If you want to enjoy an amusement park, you can get to Orlando.  Do you know more facts about Florida?

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