10 Interesting Pantomime Facts

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If you love to study about art, you have to read Pantomime Facts. This family entertainment is a type of musical comedy. You can see it on stage performed by the pantomime artist. Here are the interesting facts about pantomime for you:

Pantomime Facts 1: development

During the New Year and Christmas seasons, the people like to enjoy pantomime on stage. Actually this art was developed for the first time in England.

Pantomime Facts 2: a theater

As I having stated before, pantomime is performed on stage. Therefore, it is called as one of the participatory forms of a theater. The spectators can shout the phrases to the artist performed on stage. They are also allowed to sing the songs performed by the artists. Get another form of art in Musical Theatre facts.

Pantomime Artist

Pantomime Artist

Pantomime Facts 3: modern pantomime

The modern pantomime is more interesting because it comes in various forms of art. You can see gender cursing actors, slapstick comedy, song, dancing and topical humors.

Pantomime Facts 4: the word pantomime

The word pantomime is derived from the Greek word. The meaning is imitates all.

Pantomime Colors

Pantomime Colors

Pantomime Facts 5: popularity

Pantomime was very popular in the ancient time.  It was called as the source of entertainment for the ancient Greek can and Ancient Rome era.

Pantomime Facts 6: the traditional genres

There are several traditional genres that the ancient people had on pantomime. Those were sex, tragedy and comedy.

Pantomime Facts

Pantomime Facts

Pantomime Facts 7: the English folk play

One of the traditional English folk plays was popular during the middle Ages was the Mummer Play. It it included as a type of contemporary pantomime. People can enjoy the coarse humor, stage fights and fantastic creature along the play.

Pantomime Facts 8: London theatres

There were two London theatres which used the classical stories in the performance of pantomime in the 18th century. Both were Lincoln’s Inn Fields Theatre and the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. Both explored the usage of ballet and opera.

Pantomime Mirror

Pantomime Mirror

Pantomime Facts 9: Tavern Bilkers

Tavern Bilkers is believed to be the first pantomime ever produced on the English stage. It was created by John Weaver. He was the dancing master at Drury lane. Unfortunately, it was not a successful pantomime.

Pantomime Facts 10: John Weaver’s pantomime production

The pantomime production of John Weaver did not end up here. He made other productions with The Loves of Mars and Venus and Perseus and Andromeda.



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