10 Interesting Renaissance Music Facts

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Renaissance Music Facts present the interesting ideas about the form of entertainment during the Renaissance era. Music and dance could not be separated when we talk about the Renaissance entertainment. People will sing and play music to enjoy the leisure time. They experiment with different types of musical instrument to create the impressive piece. Find out more facts about Renaissance music below:

Renaissance Music Facts 1: Churches

When people attend the churches, they would like to sing songs. The large choirs were the responsible ones to sing the churches songs.

Renaissance Music Facts 2: polyphony

Polyphony was called as the most popular type of music in choirs of the churches. It involves different kinds of vocal melodies at the same time.

Renaissance Music Facts

Renaissance Music Facts

Renaissance Music Facts 3: madrigal

Another type of renaissance music is madrigal. It involved three to six singers. But sometimes, it had more than six singers.

Renaissance Music Facts 4: the melodies and voices

When people heard madrigal, they often enjoyed the different voices and melodies played at the same time. The singers sang it with full of emotion.  The song usually contained the romantic lyrics or poem.

Renaissance Music Image

Renaissance Music Image

Renaissance Music Facts 5: the improved musical instrument

The people who lived during the Renaissance era created the improvement on musical instruments. In 1500s, violin was created in Italy for the first time.

Renaissance Music Facts 6: the popular instruments in Renaissance

Besides violin, there were many other popular musical instruments in ancient Renaissance. The recorder and bagpipe were included as the woodwind instruments. The popular stringed instruments included the hurdy gurdy and lyre. Other instruments were cornett, horns and trumpets.

Renaissance Music Notes

Renaissance Music Notes

Renaissance Music Facts 7:    Hurdy gurdy

Hurdy gurdy was a unique instrument.  The small keyboard would produce the melodies. The tone was produced when the crank turned wheel was rubbed. You can compare the Hurdy Gurdy with a violin.

Renaissance Music Facts 8: Lute

There was a musical instrument that you can compare with a guitar, but it was made with a round back. It was called lute. Check out Renaissance facts here.

Renaissance Music Pic

Renaissance Music Pic

Renaissance Music Facts 9: Harpsichord

The musical instrument in Renaissance which looked like a piano with keys is Harpsichord.  The way the people played this instrument was different with a piano. You did not hit it, but pluck the string.

Renaissance Music Facts 10: composers

The famous composers of Renaissance included Thomas Tallis, William Byrd and Josquin Des Prez.

Renaissance Music

Renaissance Music

Are you fascinated with facts about Renaissance music?

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