10 Interesting Musical Theatre Facts

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Musical Theatre Facts provide the details about the live theatrical production in America. Do you know that Broadway is one of the most famous musical theatres in US? People will love to see the wonderful actors and actresses on stage. Let’s find out the facts in the post below:

Musical Theatre Facts 1: what is American musical theater?

This theatrical production can be seen on stage. The actors and actresses speak and sing when they tell the story and dialogues.

Musical Theatre Facts 2: Broadway musicals

Broadway musicals are very famous in New York City. There are many kinds of American theaters created from Broadway. This theater production has 40 professional theaters. Get facts about New York City here.

Musical Theatre Actors

Musical Theatre Actors

Musical Theatre Facts 3: performance

Even though the performance is not held at Broadway but it is referred to Broadway. It is called the Broadway Musical. You can also see the performance at school, community group, regional theater or even a touring company.

Musical Theatre Facts 4: three parts of musical theaters

There are three parts of musical theaters. Those are the lyrics, books and music. The lyrics are associated with the words that actresses and actors sing on stage. The book is about the words that the characters say during the performance.


Musical Theatre Facts

Musical Theatre Facts

Musical Theatre Facts 5: terms

The score is a term used to call the music and lyrics together. Libretto is the term to call the lyrics and book together.

Musical Theatre Facts 6: Les Misérables

In 1985, Les Misérables was opened for the first time. It is called as the longest running musical in the world. This musical theater is very famous. Today, you can find it translated in 22 different languages such as Estonia, Japanese, Hebrew, and many more.

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre Facts 7: Les Misérables performance

Les Misérables’ performance is magnificent. It needs 85 wigs, 392 costumes changes, and 5000 different articles of clothing. The total crew and cast are around 101 people.

Musical Theatre Facts 8: Wicked

Wicked is another popular performance. There are 70 wigs and 200 costumes in the show.

Musical Theatre Pictures

Musical Theatre Pictures

Musical Theatre Facts 9: The Lion King

The Lion King is an interesting and unique musical performance. You can find 232 puppets during the show. A lion cub called Simba was operated by five people. In the show, you can also see 25 different animals.

Musical Theatre Facts 10: Jersey Boys

Jersey Boys is a successful musical theater. It was adapted on screen by the famous director, Steven Spielberg.

Musical Theatre on Stage

Musical Theatre on Stage

Other famous shows include Woman in Black, Billy Elliot, and The Mousetrap. Do you want to comment on facts about Musical Theater?

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