10 Interesting Pop Art Facts

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Pop Art Facts show you the art movement in 1950s. The new advent is not only about the art, but also about the culture of the people.  There are many wealthiest people in the world who want to get the famous pop artworks.  If you are interested to know more the ideas behind pop art movement, check out the following post below:

Pop Art Facts 1: what is pop art movement?

Pop art movement was invented because it contradicted the abstract Expressionists movement which focused more on the over intense art.  The pop art movement always believes that the abstract expressionist is pretentious. It is one of the modern forms of art.

Pop Art Facts 2: reflection

If you want to know the reflection of pop art, you can check out the everyday life of the people. The artists will focus more on the reality materials used by the people in their everyday life such as comics, magazines and television.

Pop Art Facts

Pop Art Facts

Pop Art Facts 3: place of birth

Britain is called as the place of birth of pop art. It was originated in the country in the mid 1950s.

Pop Art Facts 4: United States and art movement

After it was invented and very popular in Britain, the pop art influenced many artists living in United States. It came to the country in the end of 1950s.

Pop Art Image

Pop Art Image

Pop Art Facts 5: purpose

What is the purpose of pop art? The artists who followed the pop art believed that the mass media from the popular culture can be called as the fine art. They just want to challenge the old tradition which omitted the mass media from the fine art.

Pop Art Facts 6: pop music phenomenon

As I have stated before the beginning of pop art was in 1950s. It actually coincided with the pop music movement in 1950s and 1960s. Therefore, the art was always associated with the pop music. Check out pop music facts here.

Pop Art Painting

Pop Art Painting

Pop Art Facts 7: relation of pop art and pop music

You can find out the relation between the pop art and pop music from the works of Peter Blake for the cover of Elvis Presley and The Beatles. Both are considered as the pop musician and singers.

Pop Art Facts 8: Peter Blake

Peter Blake also used Brigitte Bardot for the inspiration for his work. The famous painter, Andy Warhol picked his model, the famous pop star at that time, Marilyn Monroe. Get facts about Marilyn Monroe here.

Pop Art Pic

Pop Art Pic

Pop Art Facts 9: Andy Warhol

One of the important figures in pop art movement is Andy Warhol. He stated that the popular culture will be spread in the world quickly through television, magazines, newspaper and Hollywood.

Pop Art Facts10: predominant colors

You can find blue, red and yellow used as the predominate colors by the pop art artists.

Pop Art

Pop Art

One of the famous techniques used in the mass production is called the silkscreen printing. Do you want to comment on facts about pop art?

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