10 Interesting Photography Facts

Wednesday, October 15th 2014. | Arts

Photography Facts give the detail information about one of the fascinating arts.  There are many people who like to involve with Photography. You can use it as a beneficial hobby. If you can take the perfect pictures, of course, you can gain a lot of money. Get the ideas about Photography facts here:

Photography Facts 1: Eastman Kodak

Eastman Kodak invented the brownie. This inexpensive camera is very popular all over the world. In February 1900, it was introduced for the first time in the world.  Talking about the features, the simple cardboard camera was equipped with simple lens. It had 117 roll films. You had to spend one dollar to get it.

Photography Facts 2: Dilish Parekh

Dilish Parekh was a camera collector from Mumbai. Do you know that this man has 4,425 antique cameras? Since 1977, he hunted cameras for his own collection. The oldest camera that he has was dated back in 1907.

Photography Dazzling

Photography Dazzling

Photography Facts 3: uploaded photos on face book

Face book is one of the most popular social networking sites in the world. Do you know that every day, there were more than 250 million pictures uploaded on the site? Check facts about facebook here.

Photography Facts 4: Instagram

Another site that people love to visit is Instagram. Even though this site is not really as popular as face book, there are 40 million mobile uploads conducted in the site every single day.

Photography Facts

Photography Facts

Photography Facts 5: the f number

Do you know that there are different kinds of f- number on human being? In the dark, people can have f/2.1, while in the bright place; people can have f/8.3.

Photography Facts 6: comparisons of face book photos

If you check out the total number of photos that you can find on the US library of congress, you can find out that face book has 10,000 times more photos.

Photography Ideas

Photography Ideas

Photography Facts 7: the oldest photograph in the world

Can you tell me the oldest photograph in the world? This picture was captured by Nicéphore Niépce in 1826 at his estate in France. It was entitled View From The Window At Le Gars.

Photography Facts 8: the total number of photos

It is estimated that human beings have captured 3.8 trillion photos as a hole.

Photography Pic

Photography Pic

Photography Facts 9: the most expensive camera

Can you tell me the most expensive camera ever sold in an auction? The record was taken by the famous Leica 1923. It was sold at an auction in Vienna with the bidding price at $2.8 million or 2.16 million Euros.

Photography Facts 10: James Clerk Maxwell

The first colored picture was created by James Clerk Maxwell in 1861. He was a Scottish physicist. He used the red, blue and yellow filter when he took a photo of a tartar ribbon.



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