10 Interesting Piano Facts

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If you want to know the details of one of the most interesting musical instruments in the world, check out Piano Facts. Can you play piano? Many people love it because it is called as one of the romantic musical instrument. You can find out the most amazing piano player, the most expensive piano every sold and many other facts about piano in the following post below:

Piano Facts 1: Victorian Steinway grand piano

The most expensive piano in the world is Victorian Steinway grand piano. It was sold in the magnificent price of $1.2 million at Christie’s Auction House. The buyer of this amazing piano is Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute of Williamstown, Massachusetts.

Piano Facts 2: the famous piano company

One of the famous founders of piano company was Engelhard Steinweg. He changed his name into Henry E Steinway in 1853 because he wanted to Americanize his name. The 150th anniversary of the sternways piano was in 1997.

Piano at home

Piano at home

Piano Facts 3: strings

If you check out the medium sized piano, it usually has 230 strings. There are 165 pounds of tension in one string of the piano. Do you know that it has thirty tons of total string tension in a concert grand?

Piano Facts 4: Steinway pianos

The Steinway pianos are very famous in the world. You can find six of them located in Smithsonian collection. The weight of the boxed model D Steinway Grand piano can reach 1400 pounds.

Piano Facts

Piano Facts

Piano Facts 5: the working section

Making a piano is not easy as you might think before. If you have a grand piano at home, you can check out the working section.  There are at least 7500 parts inside the working sections. When the keys are struck, the hammers will be pulled against the strings to create music.

Piano Facts 6: maintenance of the piano

If you decide to have a piano at home, you need to perform a great maintenance to make it last longer. During the first year, you have to tune the piano four times.  In the following years, you can tune it twice.

Piano Image

Piano Image

Piano Facts 7: the number of piano in America

Can you count the number of piano in America? There are at least 10 million pieces of pianos owned by the American institutions, businesses and homes.

Piano Facts 8: Bartolomeo Cristofori

Bartolomeo Cristofori who lived in 1655 till 1731 was the inventor of the first practical piano in the world. It was built in 1700 by this Italian man. He made this practical piano to produce the loudly but softly sound. Check Italy facts here.

Piano Keys

Piano Keys

Piano Facts 9: harpsichords

Even though he liked making piano, his attention was focused more on harpsichords.

Piano Facts 10: name

Do you know that the full name of piano was piano et forte or soft and loud?



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