10 Interesting Hamlet Facts

Tuesday, March 11th 2014. | Arts

One of Shakespeare’s masterpieces is explained in Hamlet facts. Many people love to read the story of Hamlet even though it is sad. The works of Shakespeare are popular even though they are not a modern story. Besides Hamlet, you can read King Lear and Romeo and Juliet. Find out the real facts about Hamlet below:

Hamlet Facts 1: famous play

One of the famous plays in the world is Hamlet. It is still performed by people all over the world due to the unique and wonderful story.  It was performed not only by professional actors but also the amateur ones.

Hamlet Facts 2: lines

I can say that the longest work of Shakespeare is seen in Hamlet. The lines that this play has are around 1530 lines.  If this drama is played uncut, it will take four to five hours to complete the performance on stage. There are many characters in the drama.

Hamlet Actor

Hamlet Actor

Hamlet Facts 3: The Dragon

The Dragon is the ship in Hamlet. It can be seen on the earliest remount of Hamlets.  In 1607, the ship was secured to Sierra Leon coast.

Hamlet Facts 4: Ghost

In the play conducted in Globe Theater, Shakespeare took the role as the ghost in Hamlet.

Hamlet Facts

Hamlet Facts

Hamlet Facts 5: David Tennant

David Tennant was an important man in RSC production or Royal Shakespeare Company. In 2009, the real skull was used by David Tennant in Hamlet performance. It was a good property used the scene of gravedigger.

Hamlet Facts 6: the skull’s owner

André Tchaikowsky was the owner of the skull. In 9182, he passed away and wanted his skull used for the theatrical performance. Tenant was the first man to use this skull as the property on stage.

Hamlet Movie

Hamlet Movie

Hamlet Facts 7: Richard Burbage

Richard Burbage is considered as the first actor of hamlet. He joined the Shakespeare’s company.

Hamlet Facts 8: castle

In the play, you can find a castle used as the setting. Actually the castle really exists in the real world. It was a Kronborg castle. Eric of Pomerania who was the Danish King built this castle in Danish port of Helsingør in 1420s.

Hamlet Skull

Hamlet Skull

Hamlet Facts 9: a jig

A jig was performed by four dancers. Two dressed like men, while the others dressed like women.  This song and dance was upbeat.

Hamlet Facts 10: advertisement

During the performance of Hamlet, Shakespeare always advertised his work. The actor reminded the audiences to watch him in other performances.



Today we always hear ‘I am going to see the play’. During the era of Shakespeare, people said ‘I am going to hear a play’. Do you have questions on facts about Hamlet?

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