10 Interesting Tattoo Facts

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Tattoo Facts tell you about painting, scarring or even staining. It was derived from the tatau, a Polynesian word dated back in 18th century. The meaning of the word tatau is workmanlike. After the famous explorer James Cook returned from New Zealand and Tahiti on the first voyage, he went to Europe and brought the word tattoo in the continent. Get other interesting facts about tattoo below:

Tattoo Facts 1: the tattoo enthusiast

Tattoos are often called as the tattoo art, pieces, ink, skin art, work, or even tats by the tattoo enthusiasts.

Tattoo Facts 2: the creators of tattoo

The creators of tattoos are referred to tattooists, tattooist, or even tattoo artists.  The places where the tattoo artist works are called tattoo parlors, tattoo studios or tattoo shops. Find facts about Mexican Art here.

Facts about Tattoos
Facts about Tattoos

Tattoo Facts 3: the mainstream art galleries

If you are a fan of tattoo and you want to know the design of custom tattoos or conventional tattoos, you can check the exhibitions in mainstream art galleries. One of them is Beyond Skin. It is located at Museum of Croydon. It holds various tattoo exhibitions.

Tattoo Facts 4: flash

Flash is an important term in the tattoo word. It is used to call the copyrighted tattoo designs. The tattoo artists can get the flash for it is mass produced. When you are in the tattoo parlor or tattoo studio, you can check the flash sheets to give you inspiration. Get facts about surrealism here.

simple tattoo

simple tattoo

Tattoo Facts 5: the types of tattoos

There are five types of tattoos based on American Academy of Dermatology. Those include the medical tattoos, cosmetic tattoos, professional tattoos, amateur tattoos and traumatic tattoos.

Tattoo Facts 6: the cosmetic and professional tattoos

The permanent makeup is referred to cosmetic tattoos.  The professional tattoos are conducted by the professional tattoo artist. He or she can use the modern tattoo machines or the traditional method to create the tattoo.

Tattoo facts

Tattoo facts

Tattoo Facts 7: the traumatic tattoos

The natural tattoos or even the tattoos caused by the injuries or accident are included in traumatic tattoos. When you have injuries due to the pencil lead or when you have road injuries on the asphalt, it can cause the traumatic tattoos.

Tattoo Facts 8: Koita people of Papua New Guinea

In the traditional circumstances, the females of Koita people who lived Papua New Guinea had their tattoo at the age of five.

Tattoo Image

Tattoo Image

Tattoo Facts 9: the importance of tattoo

The tattoo is used for various purposes. It can serve as the pledges of love, symbol of religious devotion, mark of status, rites of passages, protection, punishment, and decoration for bravery, marks for convicts, slaves or even outcasts.

Tattoo Facts 10: the popularity of tattoos

Today, people want to have tattoos because of religious, artistic, memorial, cosmetic or even sentimental reasons.



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