10 Interesting Uttarakhand Facts

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Find out the details about a state located at the northern side of India on Uttarakhand Facts.  In the past, the state was called Uttaranchal.  It is a home for many pilgrimage centers and Hindu temples. That is why it earns the title as the Devbhumi or Land of the Gods. People love to visit Uttarakhand because they can enjoy the exceptional natural beauty from the Terai, the Bhabhar and Himalayas. Let us get other interesting facts about Uttarakhand in the below post.

Uttarakhand Facts 1: as a state in India

In the Republic of India, Uttarakhand is known as the 27th state. It was established on November 9th, 2000.

Uttarakhand Facts 2: the divisions of Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand has two divisions with 13 districts. The divisions are Kumaon and Garhwal. Nainital is the home of the state’s High Court. The largest city is Dehradun, which also serves as the interim capital of the state.

Uttarakhand Facts

Uttarakhand Facts

Uttarakhand Facts 3: the human settlement

The human settlement in Uttarakhand was traced back since the prehistoric period according to the archeological evidence. Get facts about Punjab here.

Uttarakhand Facts 4: the population

In the country, the state is considered as the 19th most populous state. It was a home for 10,116,752 people based on 2011 census.

Uttarakhand Map

Uttarakhand Map

Uttarakhand Facts 5: the evidences

Various evidences have been discovered in the state, which support its settlement since the prehistoric time. They include the Paleolithic stone tools, megaliths, rock shelters and rock paintings.

Uttarakhand Facts 6: ruling Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand has been ruled by various people such as the Pauravas, Katyuris, Sikhs and British. The Kol people were considered as the original inhabitants of the region.



Uttarakhand Facts 7: the total area

The total area covered by Uttarakhand is 53,483 km square. The forest accounts for 65 percent, while the mountainous region covers 86 percent of the area. Find facts about Uttar Pradesh here.

Uttarakhand Facts 8: the northern side of Uttarakhand

The high Himalayan peaks and glaciers are spotted at the northern side of Uttarakhand.

Uttarakhand Pic

Uttarakhand Pic

Uttarakhand Facts 9: Jim Corbett National Park

The oldest national park in India is situated Uttarakhand.  The park is called Jim Corbett National Park, which hosts the Bengal tiger. If you are interested to know the rare plants and flowers, visit Valley of Flowers.

Uttarakhand Facts 10: the dances

The human existence and life are used as inspirations for the dance in Uttarakhand. Therefore, the human emotion is resembled from the dances. The Chhopati, Khuded and Mangal are some folk songs of Uttarakhand.

Facts about Uttarakhand

Facts about Uttarakhand

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