10 Interesting Michigan Facts

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Michigan facts give the information about the prominent state in US. The car capital in the world is located in Detroit. The largest limestone quarry is located in Alpena. There are many other cities in Michigan that you need to explore when you come here for a vacation. Here are the interesting facts about Michigan:

Michigan Facts 1: Magic Supplies

If you want to know the largest manufacturer of magic supplies in the world, you need to go to Michigan.

Michigan Facts 2: Nick Name

Michigan is always called as Wolverine state. However, there are no wolverines in the state.

Michigan City

Michigan City

Michigan Facts 3: Sand Dunes

If you want to enjoy many sand dunes in Michigan, you just have to go to the western shore of the state. Above the Lake Michigan, you can see the Sleeping Bear Dunes. It has the height around 460 feet. You can also see the official state wildflower of dwarf iris among the sand dunes.

Michigan Facts 4: Soda Pop

The first soda pop in US is created in Detroit Michigan. It is called as vendor’s ginger ale.

Michigan Facts

Michigan Facts

Michigan Facts 5: Detroit Zoo

If you want to have a memorable vacation in Michigan, you can go to Detroit Zoo. It is considered as the first American zoo which has the open exhibits of animal. They are cageless so that the animals are free to move and roam. Get a nice zoo in Oklahoma facts.

Michigan Facts 6: A Floating Post Office

The only floating post office in the world is located in Michigan. The boat which delivers the mail to the ships on sailing is called as JW Westcott II. The boat has been used for about 125 years.

Michigan Landscape

Michigan Landscape

Michigan Facts 7: Seul Choix Point Lighthouse

If you want to know the working light in Michigan which has been used since 1895, you can go to Seul Choix Point Lighthouse. It is located in Gulliver. This lighting is also used as a museum. You can enjoy various collections of maritime artifacts in the beginning for 1900s. Get another historical building in Louisiana facts.

Michigan Facts 8: Area

Michigan contains 1,194 square miles of inland water, 56,945 square miles for land area. The great lakes water area is measured at 38,575 square miles.

Michigan Welcome

Michigan Welcome

Michigan Facts 9: Sault Ste. Marie

Sault Ste. Marie is located between Alleghenies and Rockies. It is considered as the oldest town since it was created in 1668.

Michigan Facts 10: University of Michigan

University of Michigan was established in 1817. It is considered as the first university in US. The real name of this university is Cathelepistemian. In 1821, it was named as University for Michigan and moved into Ann Arbor.



If you want to know the longest suspension bridge in the world, you need to look at Mackinac Bridge. The bridge links the lower and upper peninsulas of Michigan. The length of the bridge is around 5 miles. It was firstly opened in public in 1957. The construction called the Mighty Mac needed 3 years to complete the construction. Are you fascinated with facts about Michigan?

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