10 Interesting Kansas Facts

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Kansas facts give more information about a ball of twine located in Cawker City. The weight of the ball is around 16,750 pounds. Now the ball still grows bigger. The circumference of the ball is measuring at 38 inches. If you want to know the longest railroad bridge, you can go to the Rock Island Bridge located in South of Ashland.  The length is around 1,200 feet. It is located 100 feet. Here are more facts about Kansas:

Kansas Facts 1: Plate

The design plate issued in 1981 won an award as the most beautiful license plate. It is used in a wheat plate design.

Kansas Facts 2: Susan Madora Salter

Susan Madora Salter inked a history in US. She was the first woman mayor in US. It was in 1887 that she was chosen as a mayor in Argonia. Kansan Hattie McDaniel was the first African American woman who took home an Oscar. She was appreciated with her role in Gone with the Wind. If you want to know other wonderful women, see New Mexico facts.

Kansas Fact

Kansas Fact

Kansas Facts 3: Dodge City

The windiest city in US is taken by Dodge City. If you visit Kansas, ensure that you never serve an ice cream on a cheery pie because you break the law.

Kansas Facts 4: Invention

There are many scientists coming from Kansas. The first frozen carbonate drink machines were invented by Omar Knedlik of Coffeyville in 1961. A Helicopter was invented in 1909 by William Purvis and Charles Wilson of Goodland. In 1889, the dial telephone was invented by Almon Stowger of El Dorado.

Kansas Facts

Kansas Facts

Kansas Facts 5: Amelia Earhart

National Aeronautics Associate granted as the first pilot License for a woman named Amelia Earhart. She was also the first woman who flight solo with a route of Atlantic Ocean.

Kansas Facts 6: Dwight D. Eisenhower

Another important person coming from Kansas is Dwight D. Eisenhower. He was the 34th president of US. He came from Abilene. Utah facts give you another interesting info.

Kansas Map

Kansas Map

Kansas Facts 7: Statue of Johnny Kaw

Statue of Johnny Kaw is an important symbol in Kansas. It represents the Kansas wheat farmer. The height of the statue is around 30 feet. It is located in Manhattan.

Kansas Facts 8: George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver is an important man who graduated from a high school located in Minneapolis in 1885. He has made over 300 products from peanut. That’s why he was so well known as a botanical scientist.



Kansas Facts 9: United Methodist Church

The first United Methodist Church is located in Hutchinson. It was constructed in 1874. The unique fact lies about the construction. When it was built, the grasshoppers always came on the site. Since the pastor continued the building without thinking about the grasshopper plagues, thousands of grasshoppers were in the foundation of the church.

Kansas Facts 10: Russell Springs

If you want to know the Cow Chip Captain Kansas, you can go to Russell Springs. It was located in Logan County.

Monument in Kansas

Monument in Kansas

Wichita is the first Pizza hut store in US. If you want to know the wheat capital in the world, go to Summer County. Do you have any information on facts about Kansas?

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