10 Interesting New York Facts

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New York facts contain the unique information about one of the biggest states in US. Many people live in New York. Most of them want to pursue their dream to become a rich man. This state is a home to various organizations and institutions. You can find many big companies in the state. Here are some interesting facts about New York:

New York Facts 1: A Worldwide Trading Center

New York is considered as one of the worldwide trading centers. You can find many business companies growing up in the state. It was dated back in 1802s where the Erie Canal was built. The construction allows the New York City to grow for it opened the development in the Midwest area.

New York Facts 2: Oneida

If you want to know the largest lake in New York, you can visit Oneida.  The lake is measuring at 79.8 miles.

New York at Night

New York at Night

New York Facts 3: Taughannock

New York has its own largest water fall.  It is called as Taughannock with the height around 215 feet.

New York Facts 4: Narrowsburg

Narrowsburg is famous with Ten Mile River Boy Scout Camp. It is considered as the largest one in the US.

New York at Night

New York at Night

New York Facts 5: Adirondack Park

Adirondack Park is a very large park that you can visit when you go to New York. Compared to Glacier, Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Yellowstone and Olympic Parks, it is larger.

New York Facts 6: Rochester

Rochester is one of the most important cities in New York. Many people call is a flower city or flour city. The city is well known as the home to the first baby shoes, French mustard, marshmallow, and bloomer and gold teeth.

New York Facts

New York Facts

New York Facts 7: Niagara Reservation

If you want to enjoy a marvelous vacation with family, you can go to Niagara reservation. It is considered as the first state park in US.

New York Facts 8: Army Air Corps B-25

Army Air Corps B-25 is recorded in US important event when the plane hit the 79th floor of empire states building on 28 July 1945.

New York

New York

New York Facts 9: Wild Orchids

If you want to know the various orchids, you can go to New York. It is stated that New York is a home to more than 58 species of wild orchids. If you want to enjoy a nice view of water, New York can be the perfect place. It is a home of 70,000 miles of streams and rivers.

New York Facts10: Fashion Institute of Technology

Those who want to involve in cosmetic business can enroll in the Fashion Institute of Technology.  This university is the one in the world offering their students with Cosmetic and Fragrance marketing subject to gain a bachelor science degree.

Liberty Statue

Liberty Statue

There are many historic places that you can visit in New York. One of them is Mount Kisco landmark. You can see a statue of chief Kisco here. Are you interested to learn more on facts about New York?

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