10 Interesting Mineral Facts

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Learn more about the item that you can find on earth in Mineral Facts. Mineral is created from simple salts, pure elements, and complex silicates. You can also find different materials which form a mineral.  If you are interested to study about mineral, you can choose mineralogy as the major. Here are facts about mineral for you:

Mineral Facts 1: crystalline

Mineral is formed as a result of a geological process. This element often faces crystalline to create the chemical compounds called mineral.

Mineral Facts 2: the crystal habit

Mineral can have different types of crystal habit. You can find it in compact, granular, or even massive form. What about the hardness of this material?  It is so relative based on Mohs scale. It can have 1 to 10 scales.

Mineral Colors

Mineral Colors

Mineral Facts 3: health of human being

Do you know that mineral is very important to maintain the health of human being?  But people can have it in smaller qualities. Other materials that human needs include vitamin, protein, carbohydrates and fats.

Mineral Facts 4: growth of human being

The growth of human being is influenced by the quantity of mineral absorbed in the body. The women in pregnancy and children have to think about the consumption of mineral. You can get it from fruit to even veggies.

Mineral Facts

Mineral Facts

Mineral Facts 5: physical properties

You can study mineral by looking at their physical properties. You can look as the luster, color, Mohs scale, and crystal structure. Since mineral is very complex, each has different properties. You can also study about the density, fracture, streak and cleavage of mineral.

Mineral Facts 6: Talc and diamond

Based on the Mohs scale, diamond has the scale of 10. It indicates that this mineral is very hard. On the other hand, Talc is included as a soft mineral because it only earned 1 on the Mohs scale.

Mineral Green

Mineral Green

Mineral Facts 7: diamond

Diamond is considered as the most precious mineral in the world. When jewelry is decorated with a real diamond, you have to spend a lot of cash to get it. This mineral is composed from carbon.

Mineral Facts 8: fluorite

Fluorite is another kind mineral. It is composed from fluorine and calcium.

Mineral Sparkling

Mineral Sparkling

Mineral Facts 9: composition

Mineral can be made from a mixture of two or more elements. But it can be made from 1 element just like diamond.

Mineral Facts 10: types of mineral

There are more than 4000 types of minerals. However, you can only find 30 of them located on the earth’s crust. Check rock facts for another item on earth.



Some examples of minerals include diamond, gypsum, talc, quartz, pyrite, feldspar, and calcite. Are you impressed with facts about mineral?

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