10 Interesting North Africa Facts

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If you want to get informed with the northernmost region in Africa, you have to check North Africa Facts.  This region consists of 7 countries in Africa. It includes Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Libya, Western Sahara, Sudan and Tunisia. Check the following post below for detail facts about North Africa:

North Africa Facts 1: the Maghreb

The countries in North Africa included in the Maghreb are Tunisia, Morocco, Libya, Western Sahara and Algeria.  Sudan and Egypt are located around the Nile Valley. Check Modern Egypt facts here.

North Africa Facts 2: what makes the North Africa Special?

The North African region is very special because it is ecologically and historically different from the rest of African regions. The countries are linked with the Sahara desert.

north africa culture

north Africa culture

North Africa Facts 3: Islam

Most areas in North Africa are influenced a lot by Islam. The countries are included in the Arabic world because most civilians are Muslim.

North Africa Facts 4: the inhabitants

There are three major inhabitants in North Africa.  They are distinguished based on the region.  Those are the Sahara, Nile Valley and Maghreb.

north africa facts

north Africa facts

North Africa Facts 5: Berbers

Many historians and scientists believed that the barbers inhabited the western part of North Africa or the Maghreb for more than 10,000 BC. The Nubians and Egyptians were believed to dominate the eastern part of North Africa.

North Africa Facts 6: Arabic

If you decide to go to North Africa, you need to know the official languages used in most countries. It is the Arabic language.

north africa spices

north africa spices

North Africa Facts 7: religions

As I have stated before, the main regions in the North Africa in Islam. But you can find the Christian people in Egypt and Jewish minority in Morocco.

North Africa Facts 8: the largest ethnic groups

Can you guess the largest ethnic groups in North Africa? They are the Berbers, Arabs and Egyptians.

north africa

north africa

North Africa Facts 9: World War II

The North African Campaign began during the World War II.  There were several countries gained the independence around 1950s to 1960s.

North Africa Facts 10: the massive protest

A massive protest occurred in North Africa in 2010 and 2011. You can see the power of the people which collapsed the government of Egypt, Tunisia and Libya.

north africa egypt

north africa egypt

Many people passed away during the massive protest because the people had to fight against the military. Do you want to comment on facts about North Africa?

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