10 Interesting Natural Gas Facts

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Enjoy the interesting Natural Gas Facts in the following post below. Natural gas is included as one of non renewable resources. People have to wait for a long geological period of time to get natural gas.  If you want to know the usage, formation and history of natural gas, check the following post below:

Natural Gas Facts 1: formation

Do you know that natural gas is formed 100 million years deep down the earth? United States can produce their own natural gas.   Across the country, you can find more than 2.1 miles of underground gas pipelines.

Natural Gas Facts 2: natural gas in ancient China

The usage of natural gas can be traced in ancient China. The ancient people utilized the gas to create salt in 200 BC in China. Get facts about ancient China here.

Natural Gas Energy

Natural Gas Energy

Natural Gas Facts 3: the usage of natural gas in United States

More than 62 million families in United States use natural gas inside their home. Natural gas is very effective for cooking and heating.

Natural Gas Facts 4: the first usage of natural gas in US

The natural gas was first used in Baltimore, Maryland to light the street lamps in 1816. But now you can enjoy different kinds of utilities of natural gasses.

Natural Gas Facts

Natural Gas Facts

Natural Gas Facts 5: gas leak

The gas leak can be identified easily since the natural gas that you have at home is added with mercaptan. When you smell rotten eggs around the gas, you have to be careful. Actually natural gas is odorless and colorless. It is also lighter than air. But for safety issue, the company should add odorant. It will be easy for people to detect the leak.

Natural Gas Facts 6: British Thermal Units

British Thermal Units or Btus is used as the measurement of natural gas. People will know the heat by looking at the Btus.

Natural Gas Flame

Natural Gas Flame

Natural Gas Facts 7: form of natural gas

The natural gas will change its form into liquid if you cool it at 260 degrees below zero.

Natural Gas Facts 8: a kitchen

You can get around one Btu of heat on a kitchen with natural gas. But the big gas stove can produce 15,000 Btus.

Natural Gas Fracking

Natural Gas Fracking

Natural Gas Facts 9: is it toxic?

Even though natural gas is not poisonous or even toxic, you can suffocate if you inhale it a lot. It can replace the oxygen inside the blood.

Natural Gas Facts 10: flames

You can see open flame if the natural gas is mixed with ignited and air.

natural gas

natural gas

The natural gas usually is made of methane, nitrogen, ethane, propane, and other hydrocarbons. Are you impressed with facts about natural gas?

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