10 Interesting Southeast Asia Facts

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Let us talk about the sub region of Asia by checking Southeast Asia Facts. People often call it as Southeastern Asia.  This region is divided in two geographic areas. The first one is the Maritime Southeast Asia, which consists of Christmas Island, Cocos Island, East Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei and East Timor. West Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia are included in Mainland Southeast Asia.

Southeast Asia Facts 1: ASEAN

All countries or states in Southeast Asia are included in ASEAN. It is the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.  East Timor is a state, which earns a status as an observer.

Southeast Asia Facts 2: Christmas Island and Cocos Islands

Based on the geography, Cocos Islands and Christmas Island are included in Southeast Asia. However, both islands are under the government of Australia.

balinese girl

balinese girl

Southeast Asia Facts 3: the climate

The amount of rainfall in the Southeast Asia is abundant. The people enjoy the tropical hot and humid climate.

Southeast Asia Facts 4: the subtropical climate

The subtropical climate is also spotted in Southeast Asia. It is perceived in the Myanmar Himalayas and Northern Vietnam where people may spot the presence of snow and cold winter season.



Southeast Asia Facts 5: the rainforest

Southeast Asia is famous its rainforest. The largest one in the world is Amazon rainforest. The second largest one is located in Southeast Asia.

Southeast Asia Facts 6: the diverse kinds of animals

Southeast Asia houses the diverse kinds of animals. The Bornean clouded leopard, Sumatran rhinoceros, orangutan, Asian elephant and Malayan tiger can be found here.

southeast asia facts

southeast asia facts

Southeast Asia Facts 7: the subspecies of tigers

There are three subspecies of tigers found in Southeast Asia. They are the Indochinese tigers, the Sumatran tiger and Malayan tiger. All of them are included in the endangered species. Another impressive animal species in Southeast Asia is Komodo. The animals live in Indonesia at islands of Komodo. It is considered as the largest living species of lizard in the world.  Look at facts about the Southern Ocean here.

Southeast Asia Facts 8: the culture of mainland Southeast Asia

The mixture of Indochinese culture and Chinese culture is mostly spotted on mainland Southeast Asia. The combination of Chinese, Western, Islamic, Indian and indigenous Austronesian cultures is spotted in Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and Indonesia. The Arabian culture is highly prevalent in Brunei.



Southeast Asia Facts 9: the rice paddy agriculture

For more than thousands of years, the people consider the importance of rice paddy agriculture.  Get facts about South Pole here.

Southeast Asia Facts 10: the unique art

The art of Southeast Asia is also diverse.  In the past centuries, people loved to enjoy the shadow plays and puppetry.

ati woman

ati woman

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