10 Interesting Desert Facts

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Desert facts present the information about the various kinds of desert in the world. Have you ever gone to desert? The people living in Africa probably have gone to some popular deserts in the continents. There are several famous deserts in the world such as Arabian Desert, Gobi Desert, Sahara Desert, Kalahari Desert, and many more. Let me give you the facts about desert in details:

Desert Facts 1: Definition

There are many decisions of desert that people can learn when they find out in a book or dictionary. But the easiest way to describe desert is based on the extreme low amount of rain. Desert has the meaning of an abandon place.

Desert Facts 2: Rain

In a year the amount of rain in the desert is less than 16 inches or 40 cm. Check earth facts for more info.

Desert  in America

Desert in America

Desert Facts 3: Cold Desert

There are two terms applied to desert. The hot desert is located on the warm areas such as Africa, America and Australia. The cold desert is called on the snow and icy area. This polar desert is located on the Antarctic and arctic.

Desert Facts 4: The Largest Desert

The largest hot desert in the world is located in Sahara, while the largest cool desert is located in Antarctica. You are wrong if you think that all deserts in the world are covered with sand. Only 20 percent of desert is filled with sand.

Desert Dry

Desert Dry

Desert Facts 5: Sahara Desert

Sahara desert is the largest one in the world. It covered northern part of Africa. The desert spans in 12 different countries in Africa. The second largest hot desert is taken by the Arabian Desert. It is located in the Middle East area.

Desert Facts 6: Mojave Desert

Mojave Desert has five subdivisions. Those are eastern, south-central, northern, central, and south-western.

Desert Facts

Desert Facts

Desert Facts 7: Plants and Animal

The plants and animals living in the desert from different types of adaptation to stay survive in the area. Most plants have small leaves. You can see various shrubs and cacti here. The animals include rodent, lizard, snake and coyote.

Desert Facts 8: Gobi Desert

The famous desert located in Asia is Goby desert. It is located on the south of Mongolia and north of China. The land on this area was fertile. But the process of desertification is so fast which transforms the land into desert. Other environmental factors which turn the fertile land into a desert are climate change, droughts, destruction of forest and many more.

Desert in Hot Area

Desert in Hot Area

Desert Facts 9: Atacama Desert

If you want to know the driest place in the world, you can go to Atacama Desert. When you visit the desert, you can feel the high temperature during the day. When the night comes, it is so cold. Find weather facts here.

Desert Facts10: Benefits of Desert

There are some benefits of desert. It can be used to farm a solar energy. Many deserts in the world contain mineral deposit.

Desert Pic

Desert Pic

There are many other large deserts in the world. The Kalahari Desert is located in Africa. When you visit North America, you can see Great Basin Desert. In Middle East, you can visit the Syrian Desert. How you related the facts about desert here?

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